Understand the Social Revolution Within Remember Me (Trailer)

Malek Teffaha of Tech-ticker, "Remember Me is an upcoming action adventure game from publisher Capcom, and developer Dontnod. Formerly known as Adrift, when it was under the Sony Computer Entertainment branch, Remember Me promises to be a game with the calibur and greatness of big releases like Assassin’s Creed, especially since a major chunk of the people in Dontnod used to work in Ubisoft. We, the gamer, play as Nilin, a memory hunter working against a mass propaganda based memory storage corporation known as MEMORIZE. And there you have it, the game’s wonderful premise, memory manipulation. Giving you the tools to hack into people’s memories to retrace or even alter certain events (which may have never existed in the first place), Remember Me offers a fresh new twist on the open world stealth/action gameplay we have become accustomed to in AC or Ubisoft’s own upcoming game, Watch_Dogs.

Which brings us to the newest trailer of the game courtesy of youtube filmmaker Davinsupertramp."

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