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Submitted by DPAD Dave 997d ago | opinion piece

Why is Gran Turismo 6 skipping PS4's launch?

As Sony approaches year eight of its 10-year plan for PS3, examines the reasons why it chose to stick to current-gen for the initial release of GT6. (Gran Turismo 6, PS3, PS4)

GribbleGrunger  +   997d ago
Because it's on the PS3

No doubt though that this will become the ONLY game that 'someone' so desperately needed to justify buying a PS4. Every other game will just not quite cut it for these gamers. We all know they never ever intended to buy a PS4 anyway, but, eh, you know how people like to stir the pot.

They'll refuse the buy the PS4! 'I'll be keeping my PS3 then', they proclaim as if in some way it literally hurts Sony. What will Sony do if people follow suit? Everyone knows that $1 of last gen money isn't anywhere near as valuable as $1 of next gen money.

So people, think before you make that all important choice. Keeping your PS3 means that PS+ and all the games coming for the PS3 will ONLY generate current gen dollars and the last thing Sony would want to do is accrue any more of that old tat.
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piroh  +   997d ago
because they will be supporting PS3 and PS4 separately. everyone knows ports are selling badly, best way is to keep GT6 for PS3 and DriveClub for PS4. it´s called a support
darthv72  +   997d ago
i honestly think
Sony could be planning something with combo games. Ones made during the transition period where the development of each platform version could fit on the same disc.

One copy pressed and sent to retail but intended to play on both ps3 and ps4. The core of the game could essentially be unchanged but the assets of the game can be adaptable depending on the platform the game is running on.

A truly hybrid disc. Sony could make a killing patenting the idea. The tech behind each platform may be different but its like consoles are getting closer to that universal style like the PC.

Like how a PC game is able to be adjusted to the different specs of PC hardware and yet its a single copy that is sent to the stores for people to buy. Seeing as ps3 and ps4 use the same media format the potential of a combo disc is possible.
SDF Repellent  +   997d ago

ain't going to happen. because the cell=/=x86. PCs can make that possible because they are all x86 compatible. That is why it will take Sony longer to port the PS3 version of GT6 over to the PS4 due to system incompatibility, even when both uses Blu-ray. That is also one of the main reasons why there is no BC of PS3 games on PS4. Unfortunate really, as I would love to see that happen.

The X720 is also based on X86 architecture which is also different from the PowerPC of the X360 but MS is apparently going to implement an Xbox 360 SoC inside the new hardware to make BC a reality.
Sony could have done the same by implementing a cell SoC inside the PS4 but I guess cost and their unwillingness to take a heavy loss on the system factor in the decision to exclude it.
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Skips  +   997d ago

"The game is on only for PS3 and 70 million plus PS3 owners should celebrate."

"It is a missed opportunity on Sony's part."


So PS4 owners should also celebrate with an updated PS4 version as I said. XD


"it´s called a support"

Agreed. Pretty happy the PS3 is STILL getting support and isn't just completely abandoned like some other consoles...

Even without GT at launch, I'm pretty damn sure the overall launch lineup will not disappoint with new IP's and the like...
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Hicken  +   997d ago
And the funny thing: the ones saying it won't have a PS3, anyway.
Heisenburger  +   997d ago
*slowly stands followed by a slow clap*

Idk if I have ever seen such an accurate portrayal of "that guy".

Damn fine comment, my friend.
ABizzel1  +   997d ago
1. Almost 80 million PS3 vs. 0 PS4's
2. PS3 price cut + GT6 = $$millions$$ for Sony who's launching a new console.
3. Drive Club a possible PS4 launch title, and GT6 also launching would kill DC.

The smart thing to do is release it on PS3 for this holiday and if a PS4 version does exist then release it in 2014.
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KentBlake  +   997d ago
Because of Drive Club. If they both released at the same time, nobody would buy Drive Club.

But rest assured that GT6 will come to the PS4. Right after the event yesterday, they said the PS4 version is being "considered". To me, that's confirmation enough.
adorie  +   997d ago
I bet it's in development and they want to keep it hush-hush because Drive Club was probably further along than GT6 on PS4. <--->Opinion
Skips  +   997d ago
Or to keep a PS4 version announcement hush-hush SPECIFICALLY JUST for E3. lol

Then announce it with all the other megaton announcements...

I could totally picture it...

"Updated PS4 version for GT6!"
"New IP from (insert 1st party dev here)
"More on Killzone SF!"
"New IP from ..."
"More on DriveClub!"
"New IP from ..."
"More on Infamous SS!"
"New IP from ..."

etc. etc.
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   997d ago
Why did GT6 have to release at the same time as Driveclub? Why not holiday 2014 to give Polyphony time to master PS4 and give it enough time to build up a couple million install base. Don't announce till E3 2014 so Driveclub has time to flourish but you get the biggest system seller early in PS4's life.
kingPoS  +   997d ago
Remember when Gran Turismo first came out, it was largely regarded as one of the PS2's swan songs.

Same difference here.

I'd wouldn't want PD to rush out a GT on the PS4. GT games have known to debut near a consoles beginning middle and end. I'd rather not have them happen at the same time.

Here's hoping for another swan song from PD.
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elhebbo16  +   997d ago
well GT6 is an improvement on the GT5 engine, which was built for PS3. to start production on PS4 they would probably have to start coding for a brand new engine since the PS3 uses a different architecture than the ps4 (cell=/=x86) thus making the wait for a new GT game longer.
stonecold3  +   997d ago
this article fails metiones the ps3 will be 8 years this year when it fact it will be going into its 7th year on the market
isarai   997d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
Enigma_2099  +   997d ago
What, is it written in blood that a game has to be launched with the console?
yeahokchief  +   997d ago
It just shows you how the PS4 has so many other titles coming that they don't absolutely need GT6 to sell the new console.
Supermax  +   997d ago
I think ps4 has plenty of launch titles already why not spread some releases around.
Sevir  +   997d ago
Nothing to see here folks.
The fact that Sony had Evolution Studios announced Driveclub must have totally flown over the author of this article.

Why would Sony have Evolution depend all that money to have Drive club at launch to release a cross Gen PS game cannibalize their newly minted franchise racer...

GT6 will sell amazingly well on the PS3 This fall much like GT5 did in 2010-2013.

It shows Sony's commitment to the Current Console while making sure there is content ready for the PS4. A trend not strange related to Sony's way of business.
GABRIEL1030  +   997d ago
Two games released at the same platform could be a bad idea. Driveclub for PS4 and GT for PS3, Polyphony is dedicated to exploit at max the pS3's graphical performance.

GT6 will be the goodbye for AAA games for PS3.
Supermax  +   997d ago
The last of us is this aaa goodbye for ps3
2pacalypsenow  +   997d ago
Because the install base on Ps3 is much bigger than what ps4s will be in nov
MysticStrummer  +   997d ago
Another article about an obvious thing.

Hoo-ray for gaming journalism!
izumo_lee  +   997d ago
I believe Kazunori Yamauchi being the person he is, he heard the complaints with GT5. That even though the game is a big success it wasn't the game up to the standards of Polyphony Digital. Sure months of updates & DLC has vastly improved the overall game but it should've been that from the beginning.

GT6 is in a way a rectification of the problems that hindered GT5. To apologize for the mistakes that occurred in GT5. Working on the engine for GT5 took a toll on the game & now that they have a full understanding of the PS3 architecture Polyphony can truly do what they do best. Make a game that blurs the line of reality.
level 360  +   997d ago
Read an article about GranTurismos usually having 2 games per Playstation consoles.. so expect GranTurismo 6 and 7 or is it 7 and 8 on the PS4.
smashcrashbash  +   997d ago
Simple. They don't want to risk putting GT6 on a new system with everyone saying 'I'll wait a few months to buy a PS4. They put it on the PS3 where the fanbase is right now and give Drive Club to the PS4 owners.When the PS4 get some good sales and enough of a fanbase they release either the GT6 made for the PS4 or a new GT made for the PS4.
brave27heart  +   997d ago
Aside from the usual "Theres a bigger install base to sell to" theres also another reason. GT games are regarded as being at the cutting edge of what a system can do graphically. When have you ever seen a launch game look just as good as those that come out 2-3 years later? It just doesnt happen. Polyphony are going to want a bit of time with the PS4 hardware in order to push out something that looks truly remarkable, not just a PS3 version with a lick of paint.

Im still hanging my hat on a GT7 prologue in 2015, not a remastered GT6.
Jdoki  +   997d ago
Why is GT6 skipping PS4 launch?

1. Low install base... Why launch one of the biggest selling IP in gaming history when the install base is going to be low
2. Driveclub - it needs time to embed itself in the Sony range of IP. Even if people knew GT6 on PS4 was launching in 2014 they may skip Driveclub
3. Sony still supports PS3. As others have said, an E3 announcement of a PS3 price drop + GT6 = HUGE sales
The_KELRaTH  +   997d ago
Of course as the PS4 is PC based it's quite possible there will be an influx of PC race games like Simbin's free-to-play RaceRoom and many others.
Gamer-40  +   997d ago
Because it's only Ps3 game.

GT7 coming Ps4 2-3 years. End.

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