Just Cause 2 dev has an open-world steampunk game 'on ice'

Avalanche Studios chief creative officer Christofer Sundberg has revealed that the studio has an open-world steampunk game in the works, though the project is currently on hold.

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WeAreLegion1978d ago

Sounds awesome! Sign me up!

JoGam1978d ago

I just want a next gen Just Cause 3. I'm down for other games though. Just Cause 2 was a hidden gem. Some people slept on that game.

BlackTar1871978d ago

yea def. a good game. And i was a big lost fan when it released so the Lost island inclusion was awesome

Tdmd1978d ago

Steampunk!! Yes we need more of those!!

BlmThug1978d ago

Just Cause 2 was sheer brilliance so I am ready for Just Cause 3

MilkMan1978d ago

Good. Keep it there "on ice"