3 Xbox Announcements Microsoft Must Make On The 21st (But Won’t)

WC - With the next generation of Xbox set to be revealed in less than a week expectations are unsurprisingly sky-high.

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Chaostar2035d ago

For those who don't like flipping through separate pages for every point:

* Free online
* Kinect not required
* New Rare game

The first two might never happen but I'm still holding a tiny ray of hope that Rare makes a new core AAA game.

Belking2035d ago

Rare is definitely making games for xbox 720 and Kinect will never be a requirement. It's still a choice.

RuleofOne343 2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

1)They may lay off the Kinect enthusiasm a bit.
2)Rare may have something to announces maybe more than one item.
3)Giving up the profits from XBLG is not an option anyone or any company would consider, were talking about a billion dollar revenue stream give or take.
who in their right mind is going to walk away from that kind of profit.

Belking2035d ago

"who in their right mind is going to walk away from that kind of profit."

This is true. As long as people are willing to pay for it they will keep it and they should. If xbl was free it wouldn't be as good as it is now.

WeAreLegion2035d ago

"If xbl was free it wouldn't be as good as it is now."

You sure about that?

JeffGUNZ2035d ago

I could only see a free basic online service without all the new features and whatnot. Like make silver free for online gaming but gold to have all their new features.

headblackman2035d ago

must is a very strong word. technically, Microsoft doesn't have to do or say anything until e3. Microsoft is in a very good position and every since the Xbox 360 launched. the only major thing that they need to focus on is making a console that won't break down. other than that they are solid. if it wasn't for the rrod, the ps3 would've been long gone and totally annihilated. but it did happen. lesson learned as you can see from the Xbox slim. it took a while but its a huge lesson learned. they won't make the same mistake twice.

WeAreLegion2035d ago


Microsoft would never make the same mistake twice...

Console support
Microsoft E-mail/Hotmail

T22035d ago

Lol ... They dont have to make online free but my sub runs out in Oct and will never be renewed at a cost to me

Urusernamesucks2035d ago

windows 8 and console support a mistake?

thats like , your opinion man...