Metro: Last Night Crash Fix, Low FPS, Stuttering, Blackscreen Errors, EXE Crash

The Crash Wiki team has put together this guide to help you with the nastiest crashes, errors, and glitches in Metro: Last Night. Read on to find your fix.

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Prcko1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

i still have shadow flickering problem and huge fps drops in some area(from 45 to 15-20fps)
tried everything but nothing helps
gonna w8 for patch and new drivers
btw HD 7950

RedDeadLB1741d ago

Same here, weird shadows, fps drops and yesterday the game crashed my drivers and I had to reboot the PC. I thought my HD7850 was faulty, I've only got it for 6 days.

Not to mention it takes about three tries for the game to actually start and not freeze before the menu.

Prcko1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

i don't know why the hell amd always release drivers so late,i always need to w8 for preformance boost for like 3,4 weeks.
Now i know what card i will buy next,and it won't be amd card -.-

impet251741d ago

I did have dat annoying shadow flickering issue like first 30 min of the game but it runs like a champ on my gtx 660sli.

neogeo1741d ago

After reading this. I will wait. In 3-6 months when the game runs smooth like butter.

jjb19811741d ago

Metro Last Night? Is that a porn game?