Final Fantasy XI is XI Years Old

Today Final Fantasy XI celebrates it's 11th birthday as the most profitable Final Fantasy game of all time.

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TheLyonKing2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

Also a game I skipped because it wasn't I believe to be a true FF. It should have never had a main series numeral.

Abriael2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

You're the one that missed out. Final Fantasy XI is a fantastic numbered Final Fantasy (and fully worthy of being one) and and a fantastic MMORPG, even now that it's 11 years old.

It's also the most profitable of the series.

The single player elitist always make me shake my head...

R_aVe_N2035d ago

I can not agree more with you on that. FFXI is in my top 5 of all time FF games. The lore on FFXI was the best I have ever really played in an MMORPG game. They did a lot of things right when they made that game.

TheLyonKing2035d ago

its most profitable because theres a subscription fee.

Many people missed because they refused to have a final fantasy game that was never ending and had to pay for it. If it was FF online and not a main series then I would have invested maybe but nothing about that game was FF. Just a money making cash cow.

Zerotino2035d ago


A Cash cow?
I think you mean FFVII for that (Movie, Crisis Core, Several re-releases).

socks2035d ago

You come off as a child on the internet. Just thought you should know that.

jukins2035d ago

are you kidding me? even tho i havent played in 5+ years ffxi was more final fantasy than any of the recent games. you skipped it you missed out.

TheLyonKing2035d ago

I appreciate all the die hards commenting on it but my views are fixed.

My friend bought it and it was just SE trying jump on the mmorpg band wagon for money. They called it ff 11 to get the punters in and it worked.

I have no qualms about people who enjoy it but it should not have been a main series iteration.

Abriael2035d ago

lol @ My "my views are fixed" and "my friend".

You're right, trying to explain it to you is useless, but not for the reason you think.

3-4-52035d ago

The only FF game i've really played aside from FFTA2.

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kwyjibo2035d ago

Grinding for XI years. It's great if you like watching numbers go up.

greyhaven332035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

You can't explain this game to people who were never into it. Those who played and love this game realise the magic of it

Thatlalala2035d ago

11 years.... damn I just felt old. I can remember playing FF6 when I was 7.