Banjo-Kazooie 360 website launched fact, expect nothing more than a spinning puzzle piece (or a Jiggy, as fans will know it), with the words "coming soon" appearing intermittently with Banjo's teethy, 'I'm-not-saying-anything' face.

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predator3742d ago

i cant wait to see what rare have done with the new banjo

MK_Red3742d ago

Please Rare... Killer Instinct 3...

Back to topic, Awesome to see a site for Banjo. Not so awesome for site it self.

predator3742d ago

i think ist fair to say me and you are leading the charge here at n4g for there to be a killer instinct 3

Marceles3742d ago

Seriously...a next gen Killer Instinct would be a huge announcement. They have to bring another one out.

Phil Harrison Mk43742d ago

There NOT the REAL 'RARE' anymore!!! ;-D
They went to PS2(+PS3)!!! BAD LUCK xFlops Slaves! ;-D

THWIP3742d ago

Perhaps your transition to Atari has been so rough, that you've dropped out of the gaming loop altogether. BK3 is being dev'd by the original team behind the original games. The group that splintered off and formed Free Radical, had NOTHING to do with the BK games.

Phil Harrison Mk43742d ago

Oh well i can't always be right!!! ;-D

Relcom3742d ago

I gotta say this site is not very cool. If you want a cool game site that does it the right way. Check out the Brutal Ledgend website.

MK_Red3742d ago

Yeah. Brutal Legend's site redefines awesome and cool!

Shankle3741d ago

I've joined the crowd like 5 times....

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The story is too old to be commented.