IGN: Digital Distribution Video Special

Digital distribution is getting a lot of press these days. Apple's iTunes Music Store revolutionized (major music labels say ruined) the means by which consumers buy and enjoy music, and now Apple, and a number of others, are aiming to develop a similar solution to allow users to rent movies without leaving the couch. Today, the Apple TV, Vudu, and Xbox 360 are squaring off in the first generation of the digital distribution war for the allegiance, and cash, of consumers who are ready to abandon brick-and-mortar movie rental chains in favor of on-demand access to thousands of titles accessible over the internet.

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mighty_douche3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Bah... Cant watch it at work becuase of my bloody slow internet connection on this Mac.

Pfft... i cant even download a video about downloading video.... Yep, DD is here NOW....

Alcaponeyou3861d ago

hard media = casuals = 90%