Videogamer: Legendary Hands-on

Videogamer writes: "Master art thief Charles Deckard creeps cautiously towards the box. Pandora's Box, to be exact. It sits on top of a raised platform in a darkened New York museum room. Hired by the mysterious Professor Lefey, Deckard knows not of the havoc, destruction and chaos he is about to unleash upon the world. All he cares about is swiping the box's valuable innards and getting the hell out of there undetected.

Deckard, a suited and booted man who's the antithesis of your typical muscle bound FPS marine, puts his hand on the box. Bad move.

The box closes in around Deckard's hand, clamping him to its outer casing. Cue the spewing forth of explosions, beams of red fire and all manner of madness as the museum is shook to the core. All those legendary beasts of myth and lore, the ones your parents spoke about in bed time stories - well they're real. Very real. And now they've been let loose. New York, indeed the world, will never be the same again."

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