EA's Take Two bid 'the most hostile in history'

MCV: Leading financial observers are agreed - the video games industry has never seen an M&A move anywhere near as aggressive as Electronic Arts' hostile bid for Take Two.

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GutZ313920d ago

Cant hate a company, but you can hate what it stands for.

DonSqueak3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

I also do hate EA and I hate Microsoft and VW, for example. Why should you not be able to?

name3920d ago

Fanboy comment in 3..2...1..

EA and microsoft are exactly alike in every possible way. And they both seem to be obsessed with the GTA series as a whole. EA bought most of Microsoft's first party studios and MS didn't seem to care. ANd peter moore controls EA now so I can only assume EA and microsoft are gonna partner up next gen for their console. You can count on every EA game being an xbox exclusive next gen. Feel free to quote me if I'm wrong when the time comes.

tethered3920d ago

Fact check.
Peter Moore is in charge of EA Sports division of Electronic Arts.
He isn't in control of EA as you say.

EA will never go Xbox exclusive. Never.
It would be a very bad business decision if they did.

kornbeaner3920d ago

Wish I had a link, but their has already been a ugly dragon awaking with Peter Moore going to EA. and that is EA has agreed to sell MS more ad space in alot of their titles. This can only mean more of what we saw in Fight night round three. "Tonight's fight is brought to you by Microsoft and it 360" ".....brought to you by Zune" etc, etc.

I used to like EA back when they didn't own everything because they at least tried to put out a great product year after year and now.........nothings, there is no innovation in their yearly product almost zero in terms of risk towards new IP (I'm surprised they haven't rushed out Spore already).

EA was one of my favorites not more then 5 years ago and now I refuse to buy a product if its published by them. I hate what they do to the dev houses they buy. EA doesn't buy talent they buy IP's hoping that will be enough to expand their fan base. IF they were to take out T2 expect GTA5 to be utter dog$hit, cause that is exactly what will happen to the franchise.

KidMakeshift3920d ago

You would think there would be some kind of law that protects companies from what EA is trying to do. I think it's bull that shareholders are more powerful than the company that they're invested in. If Take Two doesn't want to sell to EA then that right should be respected and protected. EA shouldn't be allowed to pull the carpet underneath Take Two by buying out it's shareholders.

I f'ing hate EA's philosophy. It's a prime example of what's wrong with America: capitalism. I don't want "1984" to be a reality.

Unfortunately, EA's take over is inevitable so all I can suggest is to boycott EA's milked-out-mediocre-titles

IdleLeeSiuLung3920d ago

As a shareholder you are part owner of the company and that choice should be with the owner of the company, not the managment that is paid to keep the best interrest of the shareholders. Apparently, in Take Two's case, managment isn't doing what is in the shareholders best interrest!

Although, I do not like this development with EA's hostile takeover, it is their right!