1UP Previews Ego

1UP writes: "At first, Ego doesn't sound like much of a game; the action consists solely of your alter-ego simply walking along a repeating cartoon backdrop, and occasionally grumbling that he's not feeling well fed or rested. In that sense, Ego is a virtual-pet simulator with a human-like avatar. But once you take your character online to interact with others, you begin to see the greater personality-based social networking possibilities.

Your alter-ego's interaction with others determines its interests. Flirting or kissing will make your ego an outgoing softie, while arguing and fighting will make your ego sort of a jerk. But occasionally, a divine hand will strike your ego with a predetermined archetype, like policeman or med student, unlocking new clothing and accessories for your ego to use. While you're forming your personality, it can be a little hard to predict the exact effects of certain actions -- eating a piece of fruit, for example, makes your ego more passive, while eating a hamburger will make your ego more aggressive".

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