Multiplayer is Not Always Necessary

Matthew Kellar writes for Aeropause: "I would first like to point out that I am likely in the minority with the opinions that follow... I believe the consistent outcries from gamers for multiplayer content in practically every superb single-player game that is created are misguided. Two recent games from which I noticed such discussion are Bioshock and Mass Effect. I feel that the things that made these games great are the very things that would be lost by the addition of other players."

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Harry1903921d ago

games are great.when you don't have to people to play with,they(single player focussed games) are even better.

JsonHenry3920d ago

I prefer to play games that focus primarily on online play.

But there have been good single player games I have played in the last year or so.

STALKER and Bioshock will forever in my mind be what single player games should be like. Even though STALKER does have deathmatch online, I never played it.

As much as I LOVE multiplayer games I do not want good single player games to disappear either. (Imagine a world with no Fallout 3 on the way!)

deeznuts3920d ago

I'm from the oldschool where the PC was used for online gaming and consoles were playing singleplayer and local mp.

I just think as long as good games come down the pipe, with good single, good multi, and games with both components good, that'll be fine.

I don't go online with my consoles ever. 100% focus on MP would kill that. I just enjoy a good campaign at my pace sometimes.

toughNAME3921d ago

VERY few games can justify their worth being singleplayer only.

As in, none this generation.

vitz33921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

For shame... There is nothing I hate more from developers than when they shamelessly shove multiplayer (or any feature for that matter) into a game where the core gameplay wasn't designed for it in the first place.

Un-needed tacked on crap is the cancer killing the gaming industry. Since when does every single friggin game HAVE to have multiplayer? I think this whole idea stems from the "Halo crowd" that can't go more than 10 minutes without shooting someone across the country while calling them racist slurs.

Hence, why Uncharted and Bioshock were my favorite games last year.

Theo11303921d ago

But, for a none AAA title, it can help.

FirstknighT3921d ago

I dont mind if a game doesn't have multiplayer. But most likely will end up a rental for me. Dead Rising, Mass Effect and Bioshock are the only non multiplayer games that I own. Everything else is just a rental.

LeShin3921d ago

I fully agree with article. I sometimes like just to play out an adventure by myself without having to worry if my team mate is lagging behind or whatever. Also, having multiplayer in every release is pointless because as the article states, there is always are handful of games that the majority of players will stick too. Strangleholds lobbies are usually bare for example.

An big example is that I bought COD4 when it came out and up until this day I still haven't touched the online mode though I have finished the actual campaign! All my time goes into Warhawk, Tekken and any other singles player games that I buy for a new experience (currently still mucking around in Oblivion)

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The story is too old to be commented.