The Orange Box Patched For PS3

Kotaku writes: "PlayStation 3 owners who attempt to play their copies of The Orange Box tonight will be greeted with a required update, bringing the EA published collection to version 1.10. The 128 MB download unfortunately doesn't come with a changelog, nor can we find a shred of information on what's changed on the internet. Digging through Valve's Steam forums, EA's support site and game forums, and the official PlayStation web site have revealed nothing about the download. We're pestering EA to found out what's up.

During my initial play time with the new version, testing out Team Fortress 2, Portal and Half-Life 2: Episode Two, nothing was immediately noticeable, although connecting to a TF2 game did seem to be rather speedy."

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The_Firestarter3865d ago

Sounds good to me! I love playing TF2 on my PS3. I'm all for this update if it really makes the connections faster and make lag less existent.

LinuxGuru3865d ago

If it doesn't fix the inexcusable framerate issues that should be very easy for the high-speed XDR RAM and fast Cell processor to handle, then I don't want to hear about it.

The Source Engine is one of the biggest CPU-hogs around, and why any and all programmers did NOT take advantage of the HUGE wealth of processing power the PS3 offers, is BEYOND me.

zapass3865d ago

Valve is this annoying mix of pure talent on the game design side and appalling conservatism on the tech side. They whine like fat whales when confronted with anything that doesn't start with 'direct' and end with 'x'. Their secret wet dream is game dev w/o any technology involved: a very common subject of masturbation in this industry.

The CELL is way too much to ask for people who barely made it on a windows PC by customizing the Quake engine.


Alvadr3865d ago

Hmmm Didnt notice any really problems on mine. I have played through EP1, EP2 and Portal and part way through HL2, only had very rare, very minor framerate issues.

Orange Box looks great on the PS3, you will do well to ignore reviewers on this one who compare it to the 360 version.... just enjoy this great game.

Shankle3865d ago

I get much, much worse framerate problems playing pc games. And guess what, it doesn't stop me playing PC games.

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LinuxGuru3865d ago

I wouldn't be surprised at all if they forced the game to run on just the 3.2GHz PPU, the RSX, and the XDR RAM.

I bet valve didn't even bother giving EA any tools or assets or ways to add full multi-threading support to the PS3 version.

How would I guess or assume this?

Because the proof is in the pudding, and the PS3 is more than capable of handling a FOUR YEAR OLD engine (albeit supposedly updated with multi-threading support, and with HDR lighting support and what not) that thrives on a good processor and fast RAM.

pwnsause3865d ago

agreed. it just seems that Valve just hate the PS3. they are devs, learning about hardware is one of the many things devs do, so why doesnt valve start learning how to make games on this system?

WIIIS13865d ago

Lol! Oh yeah, every multiplatform developer hates PS3 for no good reason and are lazy arses. What a perfectly reasonable and rational inference to draw.

gEnKiE3865d ago

It's easy.... Gabe Newell is a fat jacka$$. It kind of sucks that hes the one that ahead of Half-Life. He's just stubborn and doesn't want to take the time to adapt to a different hardware setup. He wants to stick to the only thing he knows, and thats a PC setup. Its easy to develop a port from the PC to the 360 because all you got to do is dum down the graphics and your done. They have to go into development on the PS3 a little differently. Anyways, I still need to pick Orange Box up......

Shankle3865d ago

Valve is a special studio. No one has a set job, they just come into work and work on what they want to. You could be doing design one day and programming the next. Most multiplatform devs have been adjusting to PS3 by having a specialised team for PS3 development. For valve to develop on PS3, everyone in the company would have to go through the pain of learning to program for the ps3. Do you see the problem now?

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Mcrmarcher3865d ago

why do u only have 3 bubbles? most of the time ur right and u seem to know what ur talking about...dam fanboys..

bubbles =p

LinuxGuru3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

I make mistakes....but most of the time, I try to be correct and / or knowledgable on topics I'm passionate about...and this is one of them. Thanks for any and all bubbles.

My bubbles were taken away by fans of the "other console".

You know....the ones who give negative feedback reports just when they think you're wrong...


@ BS3...there are plenty of multiplatform developers who have put in FAR more effort than Valve has (which is none at all, because they didn't make the orange box for the PS3), in terms of getting performance equal and / or on par between both systems.

Those developers are:

EA (surprising but true now)
Ubisoft (starting with Assassin's Creed)
Infinity Ward
Epic games / Midway

and more...

BigKev453865d ago

360 version was better.

gEnKiE3865d ago

Lol.... I think I will go with the PC version...

poopsack3865d ago

i think we all know. its been discussed why upstairs ^^^^

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