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GameFocus: "To be honest, I can’t really fault Sacred Citadel. Sure, the campaign can be knocked out in a weekend, and the combat can get repetitive if you don’t take advantage of all the moves the game has to offer. And while it is supposed to set the stage for the main course found in Sacred 3, the story is as predictable as they come, so you’ll find yourself focusing on how high you can get your combo count up rather than seeing where the franchise is heading with the third entry. However, all of that is not necessarily a bad thing. Fans may struggle with the genre shift, but Sacred Citadel is exactly what it set out to be: A pick-up-and-play side-scroller where button-mashing trumps anything resembling narrative depth. It is a throwback to the days when gaming did not include complex mechanics or award-winning writing. As long as you come in expecting that, you’ll be more than happy with the $15 investment, especially if you have a buddy or two to join you."

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