Game Informer teases ‘surprisingly big PS Vita show’ at E3

Sony handheld to light up the Los Angeles Convention Center?

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ai_nui2012d ago

looks like vita has good surprises for us
btw is e3 like g*star right but for consoles (^_-)y

abzdine2012d ago

vita slim half price!
yes i can dream!

L6RD7BLU32012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I'm glad that I'm not the only one, I like my Vita but I think It's just a little bit chubby

aCasualGamer2012d ago

Imagine the meltdown from game media if Sony revealed two new devices.

nix2011d ago

hahaha... good luck there.

i own Vita. it's amazing machine to be frank.

plus E3 is just too far away for me to be bothered. i'm more interested about MS' conference about Nextbox.

minimur122011d ago


really? I dont think it is, its hard enough to hold as it is lol id hate to wonder what a slim one is like :|

NumOnePS3FanBoy2011d ago

I have been thinking of this for a while. But I continue to think about what will they price the ps3 then? if the psv get a price cut to $200.... UPDATE: MY gaawwd they are literally bothe the same price right now $249 for vita and ps3... okay they definitely need to price cut the vita's price to maybe $179.99 with a game bundled in(and that's already way too much of a bargain) and the ps3 at $199.99... sigh But this begs the question for consumers of why should they get a portable when they can get a ps3 at the same price, which is what is happening now. I'm positive there will be price cuts in store for us.

Ju2011d ago

Because it's a little tough to shove the PS3 and a monitor into your pocket?

thechosenone2011d ago

holy sh*t this is going to be the best E3 for Sony, evar!

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showtimefolks2012d ago

Shahid khan the guy who works for Sony also said a big title coming for Vita so it must be a big game

Can't wait to find out

JoGam2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

GTA China Wars 2.? Or maybe inFAMOUS First Son Vita? One can dream.

Ult iMate2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I would also like to have a portable inFamous.

Sadly, but GT already passed by Vita. ((( .
I mean, wtf, I waited for Yamauchi to announce his new game also for Vita. What a letdown...

emad-E-three2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

@JoGam actually if you play inFamous 1 there is something about the first sons but you don't how bad I want inFamous game on my VITA and GTA and GT :(

minimur122011d ago

@Ult iMate
first of all, your name is awesome.

second, during the meeting he said 'I'd love to say more, but I have to save some for E3'

:D !!

Mr-SellJack2011d ago

wasn't it already revealed?coconut dodge hd eh?jking

showtimefolks2011d ago

Also it could be borderlands game?

I think at E3 Sony will announce GT for Vita

Lets see next few weeks should see some leaks and rest will be shown at E3

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ritsuka6662011d ago

I went through this last year. This year, I expect nothing. I wouldn't be surprised if they silently discontinued the platform like PSP GO.

extermin8or2011d ago

yet they are being noisy about it soo that's wrong already... no wonder you have 1 bubble-talk about attempting to troll and failing...

kingmushroom2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

omg thank God, this is exciting because the vita has so much potential it just needs more developer support, more games!, i would freak out if these titles came to vita.

4.GTA los santos stories

FamilyGuy2011d ago

They're gonna have every PS4 game that has a demo at E3 be available for remote play with the Vita on the show floor. Showing what is essentially portable PS4 games is a huge deal, I don't get why anyone thinks it's not.

Phenomenal games on that amazing oled display... on the go? That alone is huge, adding the new game announcements just pushes this to a great show for the Vita.

Blaze9292011d ago

new model with HDMI out please

TwistedMetal2011d ago

vita is even getting massive game love as well as the other playstation family. vita actually has good graphics 3ds is cool and such but the graphics suck on it for many games. mgs 3 for 3ds looks like full on crap. these are the times you get the vita out to play mgs collection with actual good graphics and controlls. if you a hardcore gamer 3ds alone doesnt do gaming justice.

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Prodigy-X2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Oh Lord, what I tell you folks. It has major games just needed to give it time.

sherimae24132012d ago

definitely agree with you..;)

strigoi8142012d ago

Release the little nukes for PSvita..and drop it at E3

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rajman2012d ago

Cant wait for Killzone: Mercenary, wish they would announce that the extra port on top of the Vita, is for HDMI out and they release the cables :)