Gran Turismo 6: Gameplay Footage and Hands-On Impressions

GTPlanet shares the world's first GT6 gameplay footage.

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ltachiUchiha2035d ago

Sounds and runs so realistic. The game is going to be awesome.

Tonester9252035d ago

What about realistic damage?

ltachiUchiha2035d ago

Well we havent seen enough to know much about that but i guess we will see more when they show more details.

Codey472035d ago

And realistic A.I , a difficulty slider(from GT5 prologue but mysteriously made an omission in the final product and current patches), the ability to add cars to cart.

This freshly announced Gran Turismo needs a severe tuning(excuse the pun) for it to win "The Real Driving Simulator" time round.

I did like my opinon...somewhat disappointing

yewles12035d ago

Amazing, Polyphony Digital pulled a Naughty Dog on PS3 hardware.

Septic2035d ago

Really? It doesn't look that impressive to me. Its probably the choice of track/lack of cars.

mcstorm2035d ago

I kind of agree with you. It looks good but the track they have shown off is a plain track and in gt5 plain tracks ran fine but it was the busy tracks and cars on the tracks that seemed to cause the issue with the frame rate drop in gt5 so I would like to see something like the Rome track before we see if it has the same issues gt5 had.

Cars sound better though but I still don't like the out side of the car view for me it feels like the track moves and not the car. But that said I don't play the game in that view anyway.

Looking forward to seeing more over the next few months.

HammadTheBeast2035d ago

Just look at the lighting off the car near the end. Yes, a more interesting track would've been nice though.

THamm2035d ago

Looks like a yawnfest, really all the hype yesterday, what a joke. Driveclub looked way better

faysal2035d ago

this game looks awesome.. plus this is a beta code so it will be more polished when it comes out. cant wait get my drifting going on again...

sourav932035d ago

Beta? More like pre-alpha or alpha.