Gran Turismo 6: Gameplay Footage and Hands-On Impressions

GTPlanet shares the world's first GT6 gameplay footage.

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The_Infected1615d ago

Looks great and the sound seems much better over GT6 IMO.

Abash1615d ago

Is it just me or are the tracks much more detailed in this game than they were in GT5?

tucky1615d ago

Then I cannot imagine how bad it was on GT5: this track is completely EMPTY.

Moreover, just a single car and even like that you have some framerate issues ... they really need to optimize this since it was criticized a lot in the previous iteration

abzdine1615d ago

looks crazy! they said the engine is new and we can see it!

sengoku1614d ago

this is just a cam shot of the alpha game.
wait for official vid's before judging.

Boody-Bandit1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

"Then I cannot imagine how bad it was on GT5: this track is completely EMPTY."

Spoken like a person that has absolutely no clue about Silverstones Race track. PD always tries to be as accurate in scale with their real to life track design as possible. Judging from actual videos of Silverstone I would say PD basically nailed it. But please, go on and tell us how "empty" the track is. /s

SolidStoner1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Its Gran Turismo, it will never be Flatout or burnout or NFS... you will never see there burning walls and spectacular crashes..

the only thing that matters with GT is driving, it brings you close as possible to real thing if you have the right gear!

Also the game is about beautiful racing tracks (they are dead and empty I agree) The number of tracks could be bigger, that is the only thing I really need in GT.. but I'll have to wait for ps4, meantime I will enjoy GT6 for sure..

edit: look at 2:40 you can see some changes in physics engine!

Army_of_Darkness1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

What?? I have GT5 and I do not see a difference at all?!? and I agree with a couple others... It looks pretty plain and empty still and yes. I know they tried to make the tracks identical to the real ones, but come on! improvise a little..

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The_Infected1615d ago

I meant the sound seems much better than GT5 not GT6. Lol couldn't edit sorry.

Finalfantasykid1615d ago

I guess this was recorded in mono. The author mentioned that it sounded much better live.

nix1614d ago

it's an open car. probably that's why. if you're inside the car, you normally get the muffled sound but if you change your camera outside, you suddenly hear engine plus the wind blowing. that's what i've noticed in GT5.

Dee_911614d ago

I have to disagree and honestly ive been waiting all day yesterday to see some gameplay videos just to hear the sound and I must say I am quite disappointed.I was hoping they would revamp the sounds somewhat,I set my self up for that.
But that suspension model looks incredible! and this is an early build so hopefully they can update the sounds by time the game release.
Yea yea it was recorded off screen but its still that ""legendary" GT engine sound.

BlmThug1615d ago

I am .. Sold! This looks like what GT5 should have been and i'm glad we're finally getting the true succesor to GT4

insomnium21614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

I just love the weight these cars have. One missed inch of braking and you won't be able to make the turn. I effing LOVE GT. There is no substitute for it.

I just love the mistake the driver makes at exactly 2:48 and spins the car. Classic error. No other game afaik punishes you for a small mistake like that.

ritsuka6661614d ago

It doesn't look like it's progressed at all in graphics compared of GT5... The game doesn't look that amazing. I'm a PC player though so I can't really try to compare to what I know especially considering that the PC mostly has arcade style racing games.

IcarusOne1614d ago

Completely agree. Underwhelming doesn't begin to describe this. Maybe they should have provided a direct feed instead of letting some joe shoot off the screen. (Love that moray.)

Looks. Exactly. The same.

Pintheshadows1614d ago

Sound is improved as is the enviroment which is very welcome.

LackTrue4K1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

when the video first started in the replay i was like...

"wtf is up with the cars tires?!? i cant believe
Kazunori Yamauchi/Polyphony Digital miss that!!!"

my bad....its just a carbon fiber fender...

looks great IMO. :D

TwistedMetal1614d ago

gt6 difinitive racing game and drive club for the ps4 best racing games any other racing game is crap no rason to get those over these. playstation gots the games.

darthawesome901614d ago

I don't think it's much of an improvement. GT6 is most likely going to be a lot of the standard cars converted to premium cars and a few more tracks.

I'm not going into the whole GT vs Forza. While from a pure gameplay, realism and graphics standpoint each person has their own preference. That being said I think going forward next gen GT7 really needs to redesign the User Interface. I honestly believe that the Forza UI and customizations was more pleasing to the eye and more intuitive.

I'm not saying that Forza is a better game. Only that it has the better User Interface which made it easier for me to get into the game and enjoy it.

IcarusOne1614d ago

Forza absolutely has a better interface. Cleaner, sleeker, simpler and faster. You can spend an hour on GT5 and between finding the right car to qualify for the right race and such, only 10 min will actually be spent racing. With Forza, you're racing when you want to. There's always something to do and you always feel like you're making forward progress in the game.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1614d ago

"Looks great and the sound seems much better over GT6 IMO."

I disagree I think gt6 ps3 < gt6 ps4.

daedra1612d ago (Edited 1612d ago )

the ps 4 ver hasn't even been shown

GuyThatPlaysGames1614d ago

Cars still sound like vacuum cleaners :/ oh well.

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ltachiUchiha1615d ago

Sounds and runs so realistic. The game is going to be awesome.

Tonester9251614d ago

What about realistic damage?

ltachiUchiha1614d ago

Well we havent seen enough to know much about that but i guess we will see more when they show more details.

Codey471614d ago

And realistic A.I , a difficulty slider(from GT5 prologue but mysteriously made an omission in the final product and current patches), the ability to add cars to cart.

This freshly announced Gran Turismo needs a severe tuning(excuse the pun) for it to win "The Real Driving Simulator" time round.

I did like my opinon...somewhat disappointing

yewles11615d ago

Amazing, Polyphony Digital pulled a Naughty Dog on PS3 hardware.

Septic1614d ago

Really? It doesn't look that impressive to me. Its probably the choice of track/lack of cars.

mcstorm1614d ago

I kind of agree with you. It looks good but the track they have shown off is a plain track and in gt5 plain tracks ran fine but it was the busy tracks and cars on the tracks that seemed to cause the issue with the frame rate drop in gt5 so I would like to see something like the Rome track before we see if it has the same issues gt5 had.

Cars sound better though but I still don't like the out side of the car view for me it feels like the track moves and not the car. But that said I don't play the game in that view anyway.

Looking forward to seeing more over the next few months.

HammadTheBeast1614d ago

Just look at the lighting off the car near the end. Yes, a more interesting track would've been nice though.

THamm1614d ago

Looks like a yawnfest, really all the hype yesterday, what a joke. Driveclub looked way better

faysal1615d ago

this game looks awesome.. plus this is a beta code so it will be more polished when it comes out. cant wait get my drifting going on again...

sourav931614d ago

Beta? More like pre-alpha or alpha.