InFamous: Second Son, A Smokey Future

Jake at Press Start Australia writes "The PlayStation 4 reveal event in February was where the world got their first taste of the future in gaming with Sucker Punch and their next entry into the InFamous series with the 2 minute reveal video of Second Son.

Sucker Punch has recently been very tight lipped about their exclusive, next generation, (rumoured) launch title until now. Where some light has been shed on the 3rd game in the InFamous franchise."

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xamtheking2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Is the pun really needed?
And it's spelled wrong.

deathstriker2039d ago

Smokey and smoky are both words, the spelling depends on your preference and location.

GribbleGrunger2039d ago

He's actually right. It IS smoky not smokey

WeAreLegion2039d ago

I can't find a solid answer online. The general consensus is that it is spelled "smoky", but people spell it "smokey" and nobody has a problem with it. Some claim "smokey" didn't come around until Smokey Bear showed up.

GribbleGrunger2039d ago

Yes, it is usually used for names or nicknames, but not when referring to a smoke filled room.

xamtheking2035d ago

I never said smokey wasn't a word
I meant it was the wrong word for this situation

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GribbleGrunger2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

All I want to do the minute this game boots up, is climb that tower in the video and jump off! Then off to the scaffolding on the high rise building for more climbing and rail riding (if it's there). The one think that Infamous 2 let me down on was the verticality of its environments -- or lack of to be more precise.

oh ... and just tweak those map readings of enemies so that they're square when they're on the ground and triangular when they're on the roof. Then swap them over when I'm on the roof. That would make sneaking less random.

WeAreLegion2039d ago

That, my /b/rother, is the Space Needle. I can't wait to climb it, either!

GribbleGrunger2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

Is it really called that? I don't give a damn about the story or the character in this game. It's the thrills and exploration that I enjoy the most. If they gave me a potholing sim I'd be a happy man.

WeAreLegion2039d ago

Yes, sir. Are you not from the US?

Campy da Camper2039d ago

As an Emerald City native, the Space Needle is definetly the first thing I'm going to climb. Hopefully the suicide fence is not in the game.

Sketchy_Galore2039d ago

Thanks for the link, yikes though. I am honestly really looking forward to this game overall but Delsin does not sound like my kinda guy. Johnny Knoxsville crossed with Banksy sounds like my worst nightmare, maybe the Conduit thing is just a cover story and the government are actually trying to contain the extreme levels of douche emanating from this guy.

Also, when you're sitting in a room with six people and you suddenly realise that four of you are wearing the same hat. I don't see how that results in, 'Yeah let's put this hat on our protagonist to make him more artistic and free spirited' To me it kinda says, 'Yeah maybe we should get some outside help with the character design until we learn to dress ourselves without blindly following social trends and not even realising it'.

shancake2038d ago

Does the spelling really matter? Both are acceptable and here in Australia i've always used Smokey...