Bungie Debunks Destiny for Vita Rumor

Bungie has confirmed that rumors of a Destiny game for Vita are untrue.

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ltachiUchiha1618d ago

There goes that lol. Was hoping but its cool i will live.

Arai1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

There's this though, which could be a mistake/accident on their part.

Notice the platforms listed, in case it wasn't clear.
And I just saw this:

ltachiUchiha1618d ago

Nice finds. Yeah i was hoping for it yo be on vita but e3 just sounds so epic. Cant wait for e3 but thanx for the info. Cheers mate.

WolfRamiO1618d ago

that can be a standar script to show games

Snookies121618d ago

Didn't really see how it could be true. I love my Vita, and it's a powerful machine, but a game of this scale on it just wouldn't work. Unless people were saying it was a spin-off or something. Regardless, that was shot down pretty quickly lol.

Soldierone1618d ago

Why not just get more games like Need For Speed? Same game, just visually held back a bit.

Visuals don't mean everyhing, and if your game turns to crap because of that then it wasn't a good game to begin with.

Snookies121618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I'm okay with cutting back visuals, but with a game like this, it seems like its scope is rather large. I just don't see it working on the Vita, as great a system as it is. People have to understand, it's not a console. It's a portable, just because it can play games that are also on console doesn't mean it can perform like them and shouldn't be expected to.

ps3vita4life1618d ago

I knew it! Sony filed a trademark for the name, Destiny of Spirits about a month ago so it would be impossible (highly unlikely) for Bungie/Activision to be involved with the title.

Killzoner991618d ago

Wow , Bungie really dropped the ball with this. I don't think they understand how much the Vita would boost sales for this game. Especially with PS4 connectivity . They could have dominated the market. Plus this really makes Bungie look bad with the recent talks of a Vita version. It's not good to piss on your fans expectations.

BlaqMagiq241618d ago

Umm you do realize Destiny could be played on Vita through PS4's Remote Play right? There you go. You now have Destiny on Vita. And Bungie never talked about a Vita version.

Get your facts straight.

Kietz1618d ago

"dominated market"


The thing isn't doing too well for itself as a system, yet it is going to help skyrocket sales for a game just because it is on it.

Knight_Crawler1618d ago

Shhh...some people cannot handle the truth.

It would be more profitable for Bungie to release a half arsed Destiny on the 3DS than a dying VITA.

WolfRamiO1618d ago

Vita is not dying, is growing slowy to be the winner!

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The story is too old to be commented.