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Battlefield 4 won’t have a co-op campaign

Gamers who enjoyed the co-op mode of “Battlefield 3” are in for a bit of bad news. The official “Battlefield” Twitter account revealed on May 15 that “Battlefield 4” won’t have a separate co-op campaign like its predecessor. The developer fully stated that, “Unfortunately, there will be no co-op game mode in Battlefield 4.” (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Prodigy-X  +   871d ago
Man, that's not fair.
bumnut  +   871d ago
I dont agree, I would rather they took it a step further and removed single player completely.

They could then put the extra resources into making more maps for the base game, BF 3 was lacking in the maps department at release.

Historically BF had no single player, they only changed it to compete with COD.
kaozgamer  +   871d ago
i liked the single player. it wasn't amazing or anything but it was enjoyable
lategamer  +   870d ago
I agree. Battlefield doesn't need a campaign. The multiplayer is the real experience.
PygmelionHunter  +   871d ago
Huh? This was such a cool feature in Battlefield 3, there were still lots of possibilities to explore... They might as well diss the campaign too while they're at it, since that's usually the crappiest part of BF.

This game feels more rushed the more info I get about it. I fear it might go the CoD way, I mean, it already looks too similar to BF3 for what I'd like and now you're telling me they're getting rid of game modes too?
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elhebbo16  +   871d ago
What you expect the game too look like? TF2?
Pandamobile  +   871d ago
They got rid of co-op because it wasn't very well received. It was a waste of resources that could have been better spent on the campaign or multiplayer.
greenpowerz  +   871d ago
Good... Co-op should never be tacked on with "special missions"

Either make it co-op from the ground up for the entire campaign or nothing at all. It's not co-opp because of current gen hardware LOL
M-M  +   871d ago
Off Topic: Everyone should agree with greenpowerz since he's looking for disagrees. That way, we win =). I only disagreed because of force of habit xD.

On Topic: I would really hope they would reconsider adding it, was pretty cool to play in BF3.
ddurand1  +   871d ago
i actually do agree.

make a real co-op, or dont bother. the tacked on spec ops like missions were not very appealing in bf3.

or make co-op dinosaurs like zombies for COD
M-M  +   871d ago
Off Topic: We won(bad language behind the link):


On Topic: @ddurand1 I know, the stuff he said was valid behind the stealth troll.
glennco  +   871d ago
I would prefer co-op to a campaign. The campaign is a complete waste of time, a linear and scripted CoD-wannabe piece of rubbish. Couldn't even finish the last 2 campaigns (BFBC2 and BF3), not only did I not bother, but they pissed me off as well. BFBC1 campaign was awesome, played it through 5 times so far. At least with co-op it would be fun.
BALLARD32  +   871d ago
Battlefield 3's co-op was nothing special. Only played it multiple times just to unlock the multiplayer weapons. Adding co-op to the main story in BF4 would probably make people a little more excited for it. At this point I'm just hoping EA/DICE aren't phoning it in for the hell of it.
Vladplaya  +   871d ago
Battlefield should not have campaign period, what a waste of time and effort.
brodychet  +   871d ago
damn right. That was the worst piece of crap I've ever played. So unbelievably boring. Not sure what anyone saw in the campaign or co-op. If they put the element of dinosaurs in the mix, then sure. But otherwise; no.
B-radical  +   871d ago
Hopefully they turn it out around with this one it already looks more exciting more like bad company 2 but more serious
LAWSON72  +   871d ago
The coop was actually pretty awesome way better than that thing they call a singleplayer.
GamerSciz  +   871d ago
The ONLY thing I can think is possibly it will be DLC later down the line which if you need to pay for Co-op count me out.
d4sholil1  +   871d ago
That is pretty weak...Hopefully the single player will make up for this lack. We shall see...
oof46  +   871d ago
The only good thing about Bf3's co-op was practicing flying the chopper.
KontryBoy706  +   871d ago
guitarded77  +   871d ago
Boo... love co-op.
LOL_WUT  +   871d ago
Not even split screen ;(
B-radical  +   871d ago
Oh folks im still holding on the hope to dinosaurs

@Battlefield ?? A dinosaur? pic.twitter.com/BDXHnYfETV

There reply

Battlefield ‏@Battlefield 8h
@khidden Couldn't possibly be a dinosaur, they're extinct.
jjb1981  +   871d ago
Battlefield should be strictly co-op competitive and multiplayer
slampunk  +   871d ago
Cant say i'm that disappointed. This also means that more resources are available for the multiplayer / campaign...
SKUD  +   871d ago
One step closer getting back to it's roots. Now all that's needed is the removal of single player. That should be left to the bad company series.
pandehz  +   871d ago
Im glad, I only played the co-op 1 and half times.

Better to spend resources on campaign and polishing the multiplayer.
Saryk  +   870d ago
I would like bots! That was I can play with my kids against them.

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