Rest in peace, EA's Online Pass program

According to EA senior director of corporate communications John Reseburg, as of today, the company’s Online Pass program is no more.

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NYC_Gamer1673d ago

That's good news coming from EA

a_bro1673d ago

too good to be true, especially from EA

HammadTheBeast1673d ago

I have a feeling this might be something stupid.... like Multi player/Single Player separate or Premium Packs with built in online passes.

I've grown wary of EA after their BS.

zeal0us1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Yeah I wouldn't get my hopes up just yet and if it is true, I pretty sure EA will come up with a alternative that work similar to online passes later on down the road.

badz1491673d ago

Looks like they have found another way to rip us off! ...something bad is coming guys, and it will start with BF4! Get ready for impact!

NeverEnding19891673d ago

Let's hope SONY follows EA's footsteps and gets rid of this greedy feature. Good move, EA.

nukeitall1673d ago

I really dislike the online pass, because it never added anything. Was just purely an extra cost and a limited access.

Now, if they had online pass similar to season passes I would be all down for that. Ideally though for both publishers and gamers, they should just raise the price and give us more content overall.

More map packs and so on for everyone that has access to new or used game, but the cost can be a modest $5 above what we pay now.

I hate it when developers split the community with DLC especially the multiplayer type.

JBallerX1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

A lot of negative responses on here. This is good news! I understand being wary of EA because of their past, but until we hear something else, this is great news! We have no idea if they are going to implement something in the future or not. No point in speculating (or assuming) that they will. The time to get upset is if they announce some other form of gouging in the future, but this is great for now. I'm sure I'll get disagrees to this...but I don't care.

ThanatosDMC1673d ago

More DLCs that are actually the whole game cut into pieces.

ziggurcat1673d ago

@ nukeitall:

you're only half right.

you're correct in that the online pass doesn't really add anything, but it only has an extra cost if you are the type of person who only buys used copies of video games. if you never buy used or if you buy used and don't give a **** about multiplayer, then it costs you $0 extra.

abzdine1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

this only means more and more like me are boycotting their games so in the end they lost more money than they thought they would be earning from this online pass fee.

good news indeed

Army_of_Darkness1673d ago

” Reseburg said. “We’ve listened to the feedback and decided to do away with it moving forward.”

Finally doing something none-greedy for once. My stance into not ever buying an online pass helped make a difference;-) yeah baby!

guitarded771673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

"Rest in peace" my ass... More like "BURN IN HELL ONLINE PASS".

They know they can make more money off DLC if MP is free for even used game sales.

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coolbeans1673d ago

Certainly a good start. Now to clean up just about everything else.

Root1673d ago

I think with them looking for a new CEO after John Riccitiello and the fact we have a brand new gen coming up this would be the perfect time for the new guy, when he's made CEO, to fix this company.

If I was taking over from John Riccitiello and knew the amount of hate the company gets from gamers I would want to turn the company around to restore it's rep. That means stop restricting devs, allow freedom, stop cutting content and selling it as DLC etc

No more online passes is a step in the right direction but they still have a long way to go

dasbeer881673d ago

Your second paragraph can also be said to Microsoft too, except the John Riccitello part.

redDevil871673d ago

I'm sure they'll have something else in store.

Both next-gen consoles have the ability to block used games. I can see EA using it.

kagon011673d ago

Agreed, the PS4 has this abominable feature...

aLucidMind1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

Sony has already flat-out stated that the PS4 won't block used games. Because Sony isn't doing it, Microsoft won't either because that would essentially be handing their customers to their biggest competitor on a silver platter.

DragonKnight1673d ago

This is just so they can look better for when they really bring out microtransactions.

DOMination-1673d ago

Or always online drm. Just because neither console forces it doesnt mean a publisher cant do it. Sony said they can do what they want. Same with used games. The PS4 doesnt block them as a feature built in but publishers are free to do it. Same on xbox of course. People must learn this.

DragonKnight1673d ago

@DOMination: Sony never said anything of the sort. There is no always-online DRM for the PS4. Sony's "always-on" is strictly for downloading updates or games and stuff like that. As for used games, Jack Tretton and Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that they will work on the PS4. If you're referring to that tidbit where Yoshida mentioned that it was up to publishers when it comes to online registration, everyone believes that that is just a continuation of the already present online passes, which is a form of online registration.

So to reiterate. Used games will work on the PS4 and there will be no always-online DRM. Publishers will not be able to do whatever they want.

MikeMyers1672d ago

"Publishers will not be able to do whatever they want."

Of course they can. In fact they already are.

Sony also uses online passes so it will be interesting moving forward if they continue to support them and if it carries over to the PS4.

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showtimefolks1673d ago

EA get better, you control so many IP's that you should be making more money than any other publishers only of you care about few things

Stop trying to rip us off with online pass and micro transactions
Releasing games with always online
Also it would help gain profits if any and all games release by EA were really quality titles with a lot of polish

Army of two
Dead space 3

Both games could have used more interesting ideas and more time to really make both quality titles

Here is HOOING with a new GEN we get a new EA that cares about gamers as much as hey care about making money

Outside_ofthe_Box1673d ago

EA is finally doing something right.

B-radical1673d ago

So with battlefield 4 we will still need origin?

Imalwaysright1673d ago

Great. Now Sony needs to do the same and MS must kill their giant online pass aka Live as well.

coolbeans1672d ago

You mean Xbox Live Gold. Live is their online service altogether.

kamakaz3md1673d ago

hah, the damage has already been done. Tho ea has alot of great games, I will not forget all the @ss raping they did to me in the past. And next gen consoles are a whole new story, so it could pick back up with some kind similar scheme.

StraightPath1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

greedy Sony and Ubisoft should follow too. Stupid they thought this will help increase sales..

Bobby Kotex1673d ago

SO you like EA now? Next time I want people to like me, I'll continuously do something crappy and then stop, then everyone will like me.

Blaze9291673d ago

could be an indication of what Sony/Microsoft may soon be announcing about there online services.

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Neoninja1673d ago

Can't believe I'm going to say this but, good job EA! Hopefully other publisher who do that online pass junk decide to dump it as well.

antz11041673d ago

I know, right? WOOOOOOOOOOT!!!

irepbtown1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

At least now we can buy used EA games and not worry about a pass :D

animegamingnerd1673d ago (Edited 1673d ago )

now hopefully companies like ubisoft, sony, warner brothers and anyone else who are dumb enough to think online passes are a good idea can do this too

Lucreto1673d ago

I am surprised I thought it would go the other way more online passes.

One part says this is good of EA but another part says they might have always online instead or something worse.

Alexander241673d ago

Never thought I would say this but good going EA! I hope they keep on doing things like this.

Here's hoping other publishers follow suit.