What the Xbox 720 needs to win the next generation

Michael Fossbakk gives his thoughts on what MIcrosoft needs to do to ensure next gen supremacy.

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Lionheart3771893d ago

It needs to not sound like a vacuum cleaner and actually work when it launches. Will not buy one at launch due to the prior RROD issue.

Jek_Porkins1893d ago

I understand you stated a bit of a troll in your reply to this article, but I'd point out that the original Xbox was built sturdy, the Xbox 360 had significant problems for 2 years, the Xbox 360s has had no major problems since its launch in 2010. That means they have made sturdy consoles the majority of the time.

I'd also point out that Microsoft offered 3 year warranties for free to all Xbox 360 owners.

It'd be like me saying I don't want to buy a PS4 at launch because I want to make sure their online network isn't hack-able. The past is the past, and their is risk with any piece of electronic device.

Evil_Ryu1893d ago

very good post bubble for you...i love when trolls get put in there place

ziggurcat1893d ago

"I'd also point out that Microsoft offered 3 year warranties for free to all Xbox 360 owners."

only if you got the RRoD.

you were S.O.L. on anything else outside of the initial warranty period.

also, they had to be taken to court in order for that 3-year warranty to have actually happened because they denied it up until then.

he is right, though... it does sound like a vacuum cleaner, which is why i never run any game off of the disc (i own the 360s model).

SuperLupe1893d ago

Wow ... the differance in maturity and plain out intelligence between the posts just shines through like the morning sunlight.

zebramocha1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

@jek your rebuttal to lion doesn't make sense because the 360's faulty hardware was Ms problem as they wanted to have a head start over Sony and the ps3 hack was done by people who wasted their time and got butt hurt over Sony removing Linux from the ps3.

hakesterman1893d ago

The Xbox360 Launched in 2005 not 2010, and when it launched the Red ring of Death hit roughly 23 percent of the consoles. So basically 1 in 4 had Red ring of Death, I don't call that reliable or sturdy at all, I call that Epic Failure. Since the slim was introduced in 2010 failure rates have dropped to 12 percent, still high considering Electronics in general have a 2 percent fail rate.

FITgamer1892d ago

The 3 year warranty only applied to the 3 bar RROD. I know cause i got the 2 bar after 2 years and tried to send it in, but they wouldn't except it.

I'd also point out that all networks can be hacked.

nukeitall1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )


I would also like to add a forgotten piece of news, but Sony had a DVD drive issue with the PS2 late in the cycle. They got sued for it, and years later settled.

There was no extended warranty, and if you had the receipt you might have gotten a $30 refund, a game and MAYBE a refund of past repair, but that was a maybe. That was years afterwards, so in the meanwhile your PS2 was a paperweight.

Nintendo also had an overheating graphics card in the Wii. They fixed it out of warranty for many people though.

MS actually refunded people that had their Xbox 360 repaired, provided 3-year extended warranty, paid for shipping both ways, and provided extra compensation for delays.

Point being, sh*t happens, but it is how the company treat you afterwards.

Do they try to hide behind the short warranty, or they take action within their ability?

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maniacmayhem1893d ago

Looking at the Xbox slim and even the 360 with the Jasper(?) boards i think it is pretty safe to say that MS took care of those problems a long time ago.

But you already knew that right?

hakesterman1893d ago

They cut the fail rate to half, but it is still very high. SO i will say NO, they still never truely resolved it.

Knight_Crawler1893d ago

What a troll...someone is still living in 2009.

The 360s is a very reliable and quiet machine...also the PS3 fat is very loud as well and I have had 3 go faulty on me, two becuase the Blu Rey player kicked the bucket and 1 just did not want to turn on, so if you are going to point fingers at one point fingers at the other

BullyMangler1893d ago

what sony and microsoft and all others need to do to win anything is 1st they need to outcompete the wiener wii's Metroid Other M's game-changing gameplay mechanics < fact

SegaSaturn6691893d ago

I'll be uprading my pc graphics card instead of buying the M$ console this gen because so few of its games will be exclusive anyway.

B-radical1893d ago

Ill be upgrading my 560 ti next year. Id hold of for one more year if possible!

Jek_Porkins1893d ago

I don't care about winning a generation, as long as they stay competitive, offer a great compilation of games, continue with Xbox Live as the standard of excellence that it has become.

As long as they sell enough to continue making games and consoles I'll be happy. More competition equals better games and deals for the gamer's.

orakle441893d ago

It needs an act of god.....and i dont believe in god.

Dlacy13g1893d ago

thats just...kinda sad...for you. On topic, I don't think it needs an act of God, merely functionality that consumers see as a benefit. Something that will do a better job of something they already have.. games, dvr, online access on the TV. If MS makes a good argument in any one of those areas they have a done part of what they need to do.

orakle441893d ago

Why is not believing in a character in a made up book written by numerous people sad? As to your reply about M$, most people already have all those things in their house, and are already comfortable with what they have, so i think M$ needs to ditch this "all in one" wonder machine that all the rumors are pointing too, and get back to gaming.

_-EDMIX-_1893d ago

they need that in first party Studios designed specifically for core games.....o....or a time machine. as of right now they've already lost.

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