Could There Be a Better Way for EA to Release Sports Games?

John Meadows from GoozerNation writes "On April 29th IGN reported that EA canceled Tiger Woods PGA 15. EA allegedly is taking next year off so they can fully take advantage of the next gen consoles. EA canceled NBA 13 back in September 2012 saying it wasn't a cancellation of the series but just that edition and there has not been any word since. Is it time to rethink how and when sports games are released?"

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MariaHelFutura2039d ago

Yea. Every 2 years and a DLC (free or paid) roster update for the years its not released.

Pyrrhus2039d ago

That would be step 1.
Step 2 would be to look at how 2k got so much praise for their NBA variation of games.

NBA13 would not even have been in the same league as 2k13.

Tapioca Cold2039d ago

Disagree with what you said here. I'm fine with a yearly release(i take a 2 year break in betweeen myself)but each year the graphics and gameplay need to improve a lot more than they do now. right now they make an engine and milk it for 6 years.

THamm2039d ago

Yeah if you own exclusive rights

MikeyDucati12039d ago

Yea release the exclusivity of the NFL deal!!!! I want a 2k football game!!! I'm tired of John Madden. It's like a preppy kid who never got his butt whooped to know that he's riding the high horse.