GTA V o'clock: Map size, heist details and more

It's that time of the week again, and in this episode James and Tim are answering all the big questions about GTA V, including heist recruitment, map size, weaponry and more.

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Newmanator2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )


But beware, this video restates a lot of information already known and adds no numbers to clarify (a lot of educated guesses and "I think it will have..."s

MikeyDucati12036d ago

GTAV will just be so gangsta, it's crazy. My anticipation for this game is like any other. I just KNOW this going to be ultra bad ass. I'm going to have to take a couple of days off from work

jensen862036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

i cant wait but the more of these videos i watch the slower these next 5 months are gunna go

sir_fortesque2036d ago

Well, buddy, good news. It comes out in 4 months :)

jensen862035d ago

fair enuf its goin faster than i fort

sir_fortesque2034d ago

lol wtf 2 disagrees? It DOES come out in four months