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Nerdluster: My only complaint is that the main story is simple and short. I took my time exploring the entire environment and still completed the game in 4 hours. I even waited until I controlled all of the island's facilities before starting the final mission. Ultimately the finale wasn't hard at all, didn't die once. Remember you don't have to control all of the facilities or finish all of the missions so if you really wanted to speed run the game I'd say you could do it easily in an hour or less.

It's important to remember that this is a standalone expansion that only costs $14.99 on each console, well worth every neon-accented penny. The final 2 minutes of Blood Dragon puts all of its source material to shame with dozens of individual hommages, it's an intelligent pop culture overload that'll have you flashing the sign of the horns at your television screen. I enjoyed every second of it and I immediately started it back up to complete all of the remaining side missions. This one's for Spider.

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wastedcells2041d ago

Still on the fence... I don't know why but I stopped playing FC3 when I was battling the smoke monster. Never had the urge to play it since. Strange cause I love far cry.

wellmont2041d ago

It's standalone and doesn't reference the Far Cry 3 game nearly at all so it works to treat it as a separate title entirely.

wellmont2041d ago

I'd actually say that the sole reason you should have to buy this game is if you like satire about 80's and 90's pop-culture.