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PS4 May Play Second Fiddle to PS3 This Year, But It Makes Sense

Push Square: "The sarcastic ‘Year of the PlayStation 3’ meme has existed as long as the console itself. Lacking software and struggling commercially next to the more affordable Xbox 360 and innovative Nintendo Wii, forum posters and bloggers adopted the scornful slogan in order to mock the manufacturer’s initial missteps with its current generation console. Despite eventually shrugging those early concerns aside, the phrase still pops up from time to time in response to the platform’s line-up. It’s typically used in jest, but in 2013, it actually carries some truth." (PS3, PS4)

GalacticEmpire  +   659d ago
Well, we've yet to see the full extent of the games coming to PS4, E3 should cure this. It's good that Sony supports it's consoles well into the next generation, I mean they only stopped making PS2s a few weeks back.
Abash  +   659d ago
As amazing as this year has been for the PS3 with it's line-up, there is no way the PS4 will be playing second fiddle to it. You cant overshadow the launch of a new PlayStation console with new games showcasing graphics and features that set a new bar for gaming.
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Sy_Wolf  +   659d ago
I vaguely remember God of War 2 comin out on the PS2 and overshadowing everything on the PS3 at the time.
Maddens Raiders  +   659d ago
Ok -
so the PS2 might have some competition afterall.
FamilyGuy  +   659d ago
Agreed, need to see what E3 has to offer.

PS3 definitely has an amazing line-up this year though.
Tapioca Cold  +   659d ago
let me tell evryone a little secret:

The PS4 isn't going to play second fiddle to ANYTHING Sony is going to do this year. Nothing.

And if you think so mr. journalist, just watch e3 this year. Actually better still, listen to the billions of rumours, hype, and sheer excitement from gamers everywhere about the release of PS4 and next xbox right now.

The PS3 is getting the nod, just like the ps2 did.
Prodigy-X  +   659d ago
No it doesn't make sense.
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JoGam  +   659d ago
Honestly dude, are you serious? If so, what is your reason?
Prodigy-X   659d ago | Personal attack | show
JoGam  +   659d ago
Whoa dude.... My bad, was just asking. Wasn't trying to be funny just conversation.
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jessupj  +   659d ago
Boy, that escalated quickly
1trillindividual  +   659d ago
that's what she said
wishingW3L  +   659d ago
the early adopters are always the core gamers anyway. Is not after the first price-cut that the sales really pick up due to the casuals, dude/bro gamers, children, etc.
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Dan_scruggs  +   659d ago
Yeah with almost every announced AAA game being for both the PS3 and PS4 and with several big titles only coming to the PS3 for the foreseeable future I'd say this is an accurate assessment. Not having mega blockbusters like GTA 5, and Grand Turismo 6 on the PS4 certainly doesn't inspire confidence or give people much of a reason to convert just yet. The adoption process will take time much to the dismay of the rabid fanboys that will certainly be expecting huge sales of the PS4 right off the bat. But with massive games like this not appearing on the new systems and cross plat releases of almost every AAA game for the foreseeable future the story currently being told by the WiiU may end up being a common one for the next generation.
GABRIEL1030  +   659d ago
Not necessarily, the problem with Nintendo and Microsoft is that they are stunned, neither of the two react properly: Nintendo cancels the E3 Press conference and Microsoft is preparing the new machine announcement in a tent, the rumors indicates a device focused in casual games for Kinect, TV services and the machine will require be always connected.

One year after the WiiU release and Zelda isnt ready, not Metroid or FZero games in the sight and the sales of WiiU are blocked. Meanwhile Sony not only announces more games for PS4 , the company also announces AAA PS3 games like GT6, Beyond and Last of Us for the current generation, without count the third parties support with games like GTA V, Battlefield 4, MGS V and in the lastest news: Destiny , the next Bungie game will be also avalaible for Vita.

I'm really worried, I like Sony but if things going like this, then Playstation could dominate the entire videogames market and we know that disastrous effect of a monopoly can result, for example Windows: the same OS for the last 30 years, because Microsoft has the monopoly.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   659d ago
a man wouldn't worry. Developers still have to compete with sales so the actual games will be trying to outdo one another forever.
Hicken  +   659d ago
Because the PS4 won't have its own heavy hitters.

Sony hasn't said they're looking to make the PS4's launch the best in PlayStation's history.

Which, obviously, means they won't have ANY big names worth playing.

... I'm trying really hard not to throw any insults your way, but the sheer stupidity of your comment makes it extremely difficult.

As if Sony is gonna skimp on support for the PS4. Cmon, man. You troll TOO hard.

Edited for left-out words.
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MoonWheel  +   659d ago
Sony needs a good price with the ps4 and a great launch line-up to get the ps4 off the ground. Sony keeps saying the price is good and the launch line-up will be incredible, but e3 will prove them right or wrong. I'm buying one at launch either wag though.
desertpunk86  +   659d ago
i feel like people don't realize that we are living in a circle,shit repeats itself on every gen.

console is too expensive.
people get tired of launch games after 3 months.
game exclusives take too long to launch leaving gamers with only third party games for months.
graphics don't look that different from current gen during the first year.
low sales meaning the end of sony/ms/nintendo.
defective system epidemic.
memes there will be lots of memes.
console vs pc/sony vs ms war will restart all over again with nintendo left out of the war again.

i been gaming for 19 years and nothing has changed is a vicious circle of repetition.

sony should stop making handhelds and nintendo needs to stop making consoles....THERE!!!
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Unicron  +   659d ago
Yup. I'm waiting until summer next year to go next gen. By then all the titles I want on PS4 should be $20, and I'll have worked through my Trophywhoring and backlogging on PS3. Theres still 10 more PS3 games I want, and I feel stuff like Saints Row is going to keep me pretty busy this fall/winter.
Arai  +   659d ago
250 - 600 USD is too expensive for a device that you can use for 5+ years?
I find it more disturbing that people can buy/pay for a new mobile phone on a yearly basis that costs more.

I've been gaming for 21 years (since 1992, Commodore 64 with floppy drive).
Yet it's because of the casuals I have to settle for less (hardware wise).

600 divided by 60 months (5 years is an example) equals 10 USD per month.
I don't find that expensive at all, especially for the enjoyment it gives me.

I understand that taste and opinion differs and I do respect that.
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cooperdnizzle  +   659d ago
A yea the ps2 says hello. None of the things you mentioned where said about the ps2. No games, nope wrong. To expensive nope wrong. Everybody and there mom wanted one right off the bat. Games where said to have preform and have way better graphics right off the bat. And easily that was the case. The only one that kinda of does, is defective for ps2. But then again the ps3 was not defective. And i have been gaming for 25 years.

O yea and don't get me started with the wii. Half the things you mentioned don't apply to that either.
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GABRIEL1030  +   659d ago
Time for PS3 revenge!. With a difference of 1 million of units sold or less ( some pages are talking about 700K units) Sony's machine will hunt 360, the most agressive year for PS3 software with exclusive games like GOW, Gran Turismo 6, Beyond, Last of Us, the amazing Plus service and others multiplatform games like GTA V, Watch Dogs, Battlefield 4 and Metal Gear Solid V. The PS3 will be the real beast that fans are waiting for. Great lineup and a nice goodbye for PS3. Good hunting! :)
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Jaqen_Hghar  +   659d ago
VGC just got adjusted to fit shipment numbers (official) and the gap is now below 100k. A man believes it will be 2 weeks before PS3 takes second and at this rate and with price cuts to come PS3 will be passing Wii eventually a man thinks.
GABRIEL1030  +   659d ago
You are right, the principal objective of Sony is to be the best sold console of this Gen surpassing the great sales of Wii. But maybe this wont be possible, because a total of 100 hundred millions of units is a great challenge. But for Sony was a nice try. :)
Jaqen_Hghar  +   658d ago

A man disagrees. They are projected to sell 10m PS3s this fiscal year. That puts a console at 87m by next year this time. Let's say 7m the year after to bring it to 94m. 5m the year after for 99m. 3m the year after for 102 and some paltry sales afterwards for another couple million to bring it to 104 or 105. Let's not forget there's still a lot of room to cut price and $200 is a big mark to get to which 360 has been at for some time.

PS2 sold about 33% of it's total after its successor was out. That was a shorter gen so let's lower that for PS3 to 25%. That's still putting it well over 100m.
WeAreLegion  +   659d ago
The PS4 will launch very strong! The PS3 will also have an amazing year, especially if they lower the entry price. Late last year, I became a stock holder in the company. Things are looking up!
supremacy  +   659d ago
Well i dont doubt that we will see a few cross gen titles, GTAV, MGSV,GT6, AC4, just to name a few.

It makes business sense to end one gen in a big way, while starting a new one in the same fashion.

Like i wouldn't mind playing crysis3 on the ps4 or beyond2souls or even the last if us and GTAV for that matter. Some of these current gen games don't exactly look exclusive to the gen,like i feel some games are just being marketed for current gen while running on next gen hardware.

Watch dogs and MGSV comes to mind, heck even GTAV and beyond2souls as well. I have a gut feeling that this may indeed be the case and that they are only holding off in order to sell to the larger install base first before moving these ips to the next gen platforms.
puamdefokejpn  +   659d ago
Also hope for Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 go ultra HD with ultra textures, 60fps a lot of Aniso and AA,..

I'd go for that in a heart beat,..
fsfsxii  +   659d ago
Best year for the PS3
Ni Nu Kuni, God of War Ascension, Guacamelee, Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Tales of Xillia, GT FRIGGIN 6. Definitely the best year for the PS3

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