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What Makes Call of Duty Addictive?

Every year, one game in particular is guaranteed to sell by the truckload, regardless of any evolution in the actual gameplay itself. And that game is Call of Duty. We get the games in staggered releases - one year we get a Treyarch incarnation, and another year they release one from Infinity Ward. In essence, they are basically the same game, but with different stories, guns and abilities. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ltachiUchiha  +   838d ago
I think its because there are so many ppl that play it & its pretty easy to just pick up and play no matter how much of a noob u are. Also your bound to have alot of friends or family who play it so its just something ppl do even if it aint their favorite game they will still enjoy it because their friends are playing it too. I got tired of the series after modern warfare 2 but still though call of duty 4 was my favorite cod game.
SirBradders  +   838d ago
Regardless of rating cod is aimed at kids and is a kids game.
Majin-vegeta  +   838d ago
Anyone can get kills even if you're bad.
admiralvic  +   838d ago
Nothing makes CoD addictive, it just so happens to have some perks that makes it appealing to people.

1) Good chance your friends will buy it.
2) Generally holds value. Say what you will about CoD, but the price of those games generally hold steady at MSRP (of course there is always sales / deals to get it for less), there aren't GOTY editions to wait for and the online is too big die out too early. That's one problem with niche games (like NeverDead), some of them sell so badly that finding a party on day 1 is hard.
3) Fairy straight forward. CoD has some depth and some skill is involved, but you can be completely unaware of so many things and still do perfectly alright.
brich233  +   838d ago
COD makes people happy because its so easy to get kills, and it rewards you as you level up and unlock.
objdadon  +   838d ago
It's not a kids game and it's not aimed at kids. It's stupid parents who keep buying it for their children! The game is a love/hate relationship of fast paced adrenaline rush fun and that is why it is addictive. Don't hate because they found the correct formula for commercial success. I enjoy battlefield also but even though I sometimes hate cod, it still keeps me coming back for more!
glennco  +   837d ago
Yes it is aimed at kids. It is very arcade like compared to the competition.
MikeyDucati1  +   838d ago
1. Friends play it
2. It's speed of play is like a rollercoaster ride, you want to jump on it again
3. Killstreaks are hilarious when you are trampling your opponents
4. It's easy to pick up and play...you don't have to worry about Skill Points or being extra strategic
5. Everybody plays it
glennco  +   837d ago
Gamer-Z  +   837d ago
Lets see what do kids like








Call of Duty has all of that in spades, now tell me is it a kids game?? @below You can't just chock up all video games as being the same thing that's like saying every movie, music, or book are the same. Also I didn't say it is kids game I'm simply pointing out that CODs demographic mostly consists of kids that's it.
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objdadon  +   837d ago
Lol! If that's the case, then every game is for kids! Lol! We play video games people! Video games!!!!
objdadon  +   837d ago
Never said it wasn't "arcade". But you act like us grown ups don't play arcade like games. Cod perfected a formula that hit the sweet spot with a majority of consumers of all ages and nationalities. The statement "simplicity" is what I'd agree with more and that is part of the addictive formula. I like the simi-realism of battlefield but that doesn't make it addictive and fun like cod. Short timed, 60fps close quarter maps filled with fast paced action. "Formula" is the key.
Ricdog  +   837d ago
1)"SIMPLICITY works best" as the saying goes. COD is a simple and reliable game. There is always people playing online and anyone can learn how to play

2) Killstreaks and unlocks/rankings. This is what makes people keep playing. There are hundreds of different things to unlock so players feel rewarded. Thus increasing the addictiveness of the game.

3) Obviously wanna the biggest reasons is its popularity. Many friends/family members will probably have a COD game, so its a safe buy.

4)And like others have said, COD hit the "sweet spot". Anyone can play it. It is easy enough for anyone to pick up and play, yet also has enough unlockables and intensity to keep the hardcore fps gamers playing.

Battlefield just hasn't been able to find the right "formula" to compete with COD. I loved BF2, wanna my favorite games ever....but the BF takes ups and downs. I honestly thought BF:BD2 was better than BF3. BF3 tried so hard to beat COD that it actually took a small step back. In trying to bee more realistic and have amazing graphics, BF3 lost a bit of the fun factor compared to BF2.

And it looks like BF4 won't be that great either, gameplay looks unchanged except for graphics. I preferred BF when it wasn't trying to be some amazing blockbuster hit and instead just focused on being a great fun game.
SegaGamer  +   837d ago
It's not addictive, it's just that everyone plays it because so many casual gamers don't know any better.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   837d ago
Kicked my addiction after Money wasted 2
fardan85  +   837d ago
Never understood why it sells much. I tried Modern Warfare 4 "it was good", then world at war "I didn't like it much", then black ops "bored the shit out of me". I never went back to COD again.
I tried the so called addictive MP, Zombie mode, it's just not for me.
TheSaint  +   837d ago
Because it's so easy to pick up and be 'good' at it.
samekratos  +   836d ago

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