Google Play Game Services Will Revolutionize Android Gaming

The Google Play Games Service Center was officially announced, it comes with a family of API's that include cloud game saves, leader-boards, achievements and multiplayer support.

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Ron_Danger1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Revolutionize and Andriod Gaming in the same sentence?!

Game journalists, stop encouraging Andriod and iPhone game developers.

CEOSteveBallmer1955d ago

This is fine with me as long as the game industry "knows" who is the real deal and that is Hardcore/core gaming. youve heard about square enix? they said smartphone games are on their priority list. I don't want to hear another big developer or publisher like activision, EA, Capcom, konami, bethesda and others saying, Hey lets also create and prioritize mobile games and smartphone games. That would be the end I tell you.

WeAreLegion1955d ago

We get it. You all hate phone developers. You are just as ignorant as the people who think gaming is strictly for children.

Ju1955d ago

This is not so much about phones as it is about a "gaming platform". If google manages to really provide game oriented services on a level like say PSN or Live this is a new gaming platform. This is actually huge and will give the consoles quite a run for the money.

Android does already support controllers. This opens doors not only for mobile but for Android based consoles. And this will happen sooner or later. Ouya and the GameStick are indidactors...I am sure Google sees the potential and doesn't want third parties to sail away with that segment. Those guys are trying to create there own store front(s) - next in line is NVidia with shield. But it will take off when Google can actually offer a one for all solutions - which goes through Google Play market.