23 Xbox 720 mockups that probably got it wrong

GamesRadar - The Xbox Infinity, 720, Durango, or whatever it ends up being called will be unveiled next week. And unlike at the PlayStation 4 reveal, we bet that Microsoft will show what the console actually looks like when it’s revealed. Good news for potential consumers, but it also means the many fan-created pieces of concept art for the system will soon be obsolete.

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Nafon1894d ago

Why was there a need to have "that probably got it wrong" in the title? They are obviously wrong lol

Knight_Crawler1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

One thing I am hoping for is for MS to get rid of that power brick, sure it is much smaller on the 360s but it is 2013 and MS has no excuse to still have a power brick for the 720, make it internal or much much smaller MS.

Also the disk tray needs to go..I dont want next gen to be like this gen were some of my games got scratched because I accidently moved my 360.

Nafon1893d ago

The power brick will probably be internal, or at most the size of a laptop's. They need the disk tray because some people would play offline and some people have really slow internet (so they couldn't download the games).

You must have not payed attention to the rumors, because they stated that the next xbox would require users to install games on the hard drive to play them.

ziggurcat1894d ago

fan made concepts are always ****ing terrible...

NovusTerminus1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I know this is not the place but...

What time does the Xbox event on May 21st start in eastern time?

level 3601893d ago

20th photo I remembered was originally a PS4 concept.. clearly that was a humongous fail.

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