Cry Engine 3 'fully supports Wii U'

There are many games not coming to the Wii U for a lot of reasons. Some developers have claimed their engines (like Frostbite 3) can't run on the system. So it is refreshing to hear a developer, in this case Precursor Games, say that an great engine like Cry Engine 3 'fully supports' Nintendo's new console.

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Neonridr1987d ago

So Cry Engine 3 fully supports the Wii U but yet EA can't get Frostbite 2 running on the system? Sounds very fishy to me EA. Maybe you should actually try optimizing your engines perhaps.

Regardless, it's refreshing to see an advanced engine that developers for future Wii U games will be able to utilize.

Moonman1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Lazy ass developers is why. EA should feel ashamed. Cry Engine 3 (from the game Shadow Of The Eternals) looked great too on Wii U.

darthv721987d ago

frostbite 2 does work on the wii-u and its possible that 3 would as well.

But ea is playing the "it doesnt work so we wont support it" card.

If nintendo wants to sell systems in the wake of lack of more wii-u games then there is actually a simple solution.

they create a set of stickers that they can send to retailers to put on any existing wii games basicaly saying "Also plays on Wii-U".

i know that seems kind of cheesy but i do recall back in the early days of bluray, there were movies with a sticker promoting the fact that "Also Plays on Playstation 3" to tell people that yeah...the movie you have in your hand plays on the PS3 as well as your regular BD player.

so why cant that same thought process work to not only sell games but systems? People who are looking to buy a wii and a game would see the sticker, ask the person...what is a wii-u. then its up to that person to explain the wii-u is the newest in the nintendo family that plays all the same games the wii did and more.

Shoot....i can do better marketing for nintendo. Once people see the system and buy the games....the other 3rd party hold outs wont really have any excuses to not release games for it. And EA wont have any excuses for not optimizing their engines for the system. Or at least providing the engine to nintendo to optimize themselves if EA still wont do it.

ltachiUchiha1987d ago

Thats all it really is but I guess EA is just too lazy to optimize the engine for the wii u. If they can make it work for ios's then they should be able to do so for the wii u. I bet ea will change their mind if the wii u starts to sell better.

ZeekQuattro1987d ago

@ Nedorider Well said
@ darthv72 I agree. I remember when the 3DS first came out several DS games had stickers on them saying that the games would also work on 3DS for instance. It might of even said that on GBA cases when the DS came out but I can't remember.

R_A_LEE201986d ago

Crytek knows what its doing, EA doesn't or at least can't be arsed too.

donman11986d ago

EA just butt hurt. No other logical reason for making false claims their engine cannot work on the Wii U.

_QQ_1986d ago

EA and nintendohave allot of beef right now.

swice1986d ago

EA is still pissed that Nintendo didn't go with Origin

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kgamer201987d ago

Honestly EA need to get over the origin-WiiU deal, and just start releasing games for WiiU.

MasterCornholio1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

Oh and i thought EA owned Crytek. They just own the publishing rights to Crysis which means the Wii U will see games using the Cry engine. Just not Crysis due to EA owning the publishing rights.


Dang darth what a brilliant idea. Nintendo should just slap stickers on the Wii U that states

"Not an accessory for the Wii its a brand new console"

And all the confusion would be eliminated.

thesoftware7301987d ago

I hope nintendo can Prove to EA and any dev that is snubbing the system that its worth taking the time to optimize and develope games for the Wii U.

Nintendo has to be the one to prove this by finding a way to increase sales. The only stupid thing is EA is going about this situation like it's personal instead of buisness. Which when it comes to making money it should never be personal.

I like EA games(the games not the company). They have a lot of talented studios that make good games.

lilbroRx1987d ago (Edited 1987d ago )

There is nothing to prove. There are no problems with the power of the Wii U. The problem "IS THE DEVS".

Most of them are in the pocket of EA, Sony(Insomniac for example) and Microsoft. To speak favorably of the Wii U, their main competitors hardware, would put them in a bad position with those who primarily publish their games/give them money.

The biggest problem is the way the gaming media fails to take this into account when posting negative news about the Wii U. They post critiques like absolute fact and put a negative slant on praise.

thesoftware7301986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

No need to get offended lilbro.

When I say 'prove' I'm not calling the system weak. I'm saying they have to prove the system is worth making the investment. Developing exclusives, optimizing engines etc. Like I stated it should be all business, and with the effort Nintendo seems to be making right now it does not seem to be as hard a push as should be. Advertising for this system might be the worst in video game history so far. Are they talking to R*? Are they making deals with Activision for some exclusive CoD Nintendo only perk, a metroid map or something? Are they trying to get Bethesda to bring their games to Wii U? I hope so, because I am a die hard Nintendo fan that loves the way they design and develop games. The gamepad is amazing. I am just being a realist. With heavy 3rd party support and Nintendo's first party games we could have a system with the best since super Nintendo and PlayStation 2.

1986d ago
lilbroRx1986d ago

I'm not offended. I'm just adding some missing context.

_QQ_1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

The problem with third party games on wiiu is they always screw the consumer, like no dlc for injustice or black ops, the WiiU version of injustice doesn't have an option to invite a friend to a custom game,and the first week the online was not even up. Then they wonder why third party doesn't do well on Nintendo consoles.

1986d ago
EliteGameKnight1987d ago

If I remember correctly, Monster Hunter Online is supposed to run on Cryengine 3. I hope that games comes to consoles and this is a promising sign.

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