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with the player controlling "Recker", a member of a US Special Forces squad callsigned Tombstone.

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BeardedPriest1671d ago

Who cares about singleplayer?

SolidStoner1670d ago

totally agree, BF games is mainly known for its multiplayer... And I will not even try to play singleplayer... just like in BF3 or all COD games, its just pointless Hollywood shooting...

Lone_Man1670d ago

than play red orchestra 2 its very realistic

REDGUM1670d ago

Although Battlefield games are all about MP, i'd like to see a good SP game too, esspecialy now they've confirmed no
Less bang for your buck.

Trunkz Jr1669d ago

Battlefield has never been about the Singleplayer, 1942, Vietnam, BF2, 2142, it's only when it came to console did they start doing SP.

IMO they should just spend on time beefing up that MP aspect rather then making SP because in the end who goes around saying "Oh yeah that BF3 SP was great" almost never.