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Gran Turismo 6 'In Mind' For PS4

PS3 may not be the only landing pad for Polyphony Digital's next game.

Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that the upcoming sixth entry in the racing simulator series is also being considered for release on PlayStation 4.

Speaking at today’s Gran Turismo 15th Anniversary event at Silverstone racetrack in England, Yamauchi told IGN, “We actually do have a PlayStation 4 version in mind, but for this holiday season, we thought it would be best for users to release on PS3 for now.” (Gran Turismo 6, PS3, PS4)

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GalacticEmpire  +   441d ago
MEGATON! Now, what's puzzling me is, do I get it for PS3 on release or wait for a possible PS4 version o_o decisions...

both it is.

@cl1983 below - Not sure what your trying to say there, can you clarify?
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cl1983  +   441d ago
Well two thoughts. First wont both console be hooked up to your tv. Second theoretically wouldn't you be able to use the ps4 backward download compatibility.
KwietStorm  +   441d ago
I don't know what information you've gotten about "backward download compatibility," but I think it's off.
Prcko  +   441d ago
Megaton indeed,celebration with more good gifs
thechosenone  +   441d ago
PS4 version without question..day 1!
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ape007  +   441d ago
man ps4 is gonna be legendary
The_KELRaTH  +   441d ago
Yup, no doubt in my mind!
thechosenone  +   441d ago
Since you'll be able to transfer progress from PS3 to PS4, I think I'll pick up the PS3 version first and then switch up when the PS4 gets theirs.
willie32  +   441d ago
I'm hoping the game's "save" files can transfer between both versions. I think that would be Sony's best bet. You would have people buy it for PS3 and PS4, thus preventing those who would wait for the next-gen version.
cl1983  +   441d ago
I suggesting that you may be able to buy the ps3 download and use it on the ps4. By all means I'm not 100% sure how the ps4 bc works.
GalacticEmpire  +   441d ago
Oh ok thanks for clearing that up. Yeah I guess maybe you could, I'm sure we'll get some answers at E3 or closer to GT6 launch.
RevXM  +   440d ago
PS4 itself is not BC with ps3 games, it is only through the GAKAI streaming service that you will be able to enjoy ps3 games provided you have little latency and decent bandwith capacity.

Ps4 will not support Ps3 save files either for those who are going to transfer to Gakai/ Ps4 version from a ps3. It must be a game specific feature because PS4 does not support this natively.

Its a bit sad IMO that GT6 is a PS3 game, Even if they make a ps4 version it will only be just that... a port. The potential of the ps4 vs the ps3 is pretty darn big.

But it is prolly going to be awesome regardless because the screens and the trailer make GT6 look like one sexy hell of a game and the presentation promise us more customisation, better, UI, loading times, physics and graphics.
GT6 = day 1 purchase.

Now I pretty much just hope they dont have "standard" cars anymore and up their classic tracks because some of them looked pretty much just like they did on the ps2 with lower polycounts and sprite trees and low res environments and bad ugly baked lighting that is out of place with the rest of the game.
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Lior  +   441d ago
PC please, if not we are getting project cars which looks epic so.....
nthstew  +   441d ago
You WILL be getting project cars but...unfortunately not GT6 as its an exclusive
thebigman  +   441d ago
Gran Turismo will never be on PC while Project CARS will most likely make its way to Sony's platform
majedx9  +   441d ago
FlyingFoxy  +   440d ago
PC already has tons of great games, for a game like this i don't really care as i find realistic racing games to be boring.

But, plenty of good games coming on PS4 so why not own both?
Khronikos  +   440d ago
LOL at mister bitter. Hey, dude, I been playing games in 1080p WITH my PS3 pad for 5 years now. How do you feel about that dumb dumb. Get a job and a brain and you can have both.
MariaHelFutura  +   441d ago
Nice. I'll probably buy the PS3 and PS4 version.
princejb134  +   440d ago
sony is awesome like that
aaron5829  +   440d ago
OMGOMG OMG AHHHHH... *screaming like a girl at a Bieber concert* PS4 VERSION! AHHH...
If at launch game over!! MS better have halo & COD ready!!
DOMination-  +   440d ago
A Gran Turismo game coming out at some point on a Playstation device.. is hardly a megaton announcement.
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Nyxus  +   441d ago
Makes a lot of sense. GT is a system seller.
HmongAmerican  +   441d ago
That probally in the back of their mind. No doubt about it. It might not be at the PS4 launch but maybe early or late 2014 release.
I_am_Batman  +   440d ago
Will it be a system seller despite coming for PS3 though? I think GT7 will be more of a system seller when it comes exclusively for the PS4.
ltachiUchiha  +   441d ago
I told u, sony aint going to let their highest selling exclusive just release for the ps3. I bet there will also be a vita & a ps4 version aswell. Only thing that is most certain is there wont be a gt6 for the ps4 launch.
Prcko  +   441d ago
i still think gt6 gonna come just few months after ps4 launch
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   441d ago
PD wants to cash in with ps3 first. They did not make a new engine for nothing. I think they have future proofed the GT series for ps4
MysticStrummer  +   441d ago
I doubt it would be just a few months. A year, maybe.

I'd rather they wait a little longer, two years or so, and just put GT7 on PS4. The comparative ease of programming for PS4 vs PS3 should mean less time to make the next version.
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SymphonicRain  +   440d ago
It's Cool because that's Kakashis Sharingan and your name is Itachi. Nice prediction.
ltachiUchiha  +   440d ago
Lol the sharingan can see through all. =]
TheFallenAngel  +   440d ago
They should do a PS4 version of The Last of US too.
fantasygamer  +   441d ago
I think they might wait and release a GT6 XL for PS4 next year.
Reborn  +   441d ago
Exactly my thoughts.

Didn't they do a prologue thing with PS3? I can see that happening with PS4.
GABRIEL1030  +   440d ago
Nice idea. :)
Root  +   441d ago
Yeah think I'll wait for the PS4 versions....any bugs or problems that come with the PS3 version they'll fix for the PS4 version which should come out a few months later and any patches they'll do after will be included aswell

DriveClub will give me my driving game fix till then
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Prodigy-X  +   441d ago
coolmast3r  +   441d ago
I'm getting a PS4 version as soon as it is released =P
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goldwyncq  +   441d ago
"A Playstation 4 version of Gran Turismo 6"

Driveclub? :p
The_KELRaTH  +   441d ago
Likely get DriveClub then PS4 GT6 when it's released - suspect there will be a PS4 Grid 2 variant out not to far from PS4 launch too :)
14Feb-R  +   441d ago
Driveclub is not a sim. Why can't you people get this?. It just look realistic but the gameplay is like need for speed..
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MariaHelFutura  +   441d ago
More like PGR, but I agree. Aside from that... GT6 for the PS4 won't come out for awhile, Driveclub is a launch title.
WeAreLegion  +   441d ago
I'll buy this on PS3, but...I may get it on PS4 later. :) I REALLY want it on PS4.
SDF Repellent  +   441d ago
Not surprising. Sony likes to release HD version of previous generation game. I can see a XL version that include all the DLC packs probably by Fall of 2014. Still, this game wasn't built on PS4 hardware so it wouldn't be anywhere close to GT7 whenever that game gets released.
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a_bro  +   441d ago
if a PS4 version does come out, i wonder if they will allow users who played the PS3 version to take their save games and garages and pass it on to the PS4 version of the game..
KrisButtar  +   441d ago
You make it sound like Sony is the only 1 who does it. Konami with MGS/Silent Hill collection, Ubisoft with Prince of Persia, SquareEnix with there FF10-FF10-2/Hitman Collection, there also a Tomb Raider one, Nintendo Wind Waker, devil may cry, Zone of Enders. these are just off the top of my head I'm sure theres more
Hicken  +   440d ago
He HAS to try and make Sony out to be a bad guy. It's in his blood.
Bordel_1900  +   441d ago
I won't buy GT6 on PS3, I'll wait for the PS4 version.
BabyTownFrolics  +   441d ago
i think i'll wait as well, it will most likely come bundled with with dlc
Crazyglues  +   441d ago
Yeah it's going to be hard as hell having to wait, but I would much rather play it on PS4, especially if it's not just a port but actually take advantage of being on PS4 by using the systems power...

To increase everything- more effects more polished graphics more detail..

the share button would be awesome for GT6 - when you run a perfect race or won an online match and just want to share that video real quick...

yeah would be sweet to get this on PS4...

||.........___||............ ||
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from the beach  +   441d ago
I'm amazed they've let that slip, surely it's only going to put people off buying it on PS3?
Jaqen_Hghar  +   441d ago
many people have PS3s and won't have PS4 for years. They want GT now. A man doesn't think this will be so bad. GT6 wouldn't have sold as well as GT5 anyway on PS3 (second GT game on the console never does because they leg it out) but it will be fine.
THE-COMMANDER  +   441d ago
That would be Awesome!
josephayal  +   441d ago
Gran Turismo 7 Prologue in FULL 1080P+
14Feb-R  +   441d ago
It could happen if GT7 will be a big leap like GT5. But for a prologue on ps4 it can be more then 1080P+.
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brave27heart  +   440d ago
Im expecting the PS4 version to be a prologue, not the full GT6 experience. Half the tracks, couple hundred cars. A taster before GT7.

Think how much work would go into taking a PS3 optimised game and making it for PS4 architecture. Its not a simple upscale, its building it from the ground up. Theres no way they'll get the full experience done in anything less than 2 years. So either expect a prologue late 2014 or a full GT7 late 2015/early 2016.
GABRIEL1030  +   441d ago
14Feb-R  +   441d ago
Yes !! Do it ! Vita version tooo !!!!!
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ShiftyLookingCow  +   440d ago
A Vita version would be fantastic.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   441d ago
A man would guess GT6 would be one of the first games available to stream as well on PS4
MoonConquistador  +   441d ago
I think I will be buying both versions, all they are confirming is that GT will show up on PS4 at some point. Knowing how much of a perfectionist the guy is, and with the release of Drive Club I honestly think it will be more than a year after the PS4 release.

Look at the hype that's out for the PS4 already with the games announced so far. Sony doesn't need to add to that for the first year.

I'll also be buying GT for the Vita, I cant believe the car transfer function doesn't work on the Vita with the PSP version.

Now all I need is a lil bit of Motorstorm for PS4 and I'll be happy. A return to Pacific Rift would be sweet.
stage88  +   441d ago

Sony E3 may just announce GT6 for PS4!

PirateThom  +   441d ago
I wouldn't be surprised.

We need to remember, the PS4 hasn't officially had a full media reveal, it was announced, a few games were teased, but it hasn't been shown fully and a lot of elements are still secret.... including what Sony's first parties have up their sleeves for the most part.
jizzyjones  +   441d ago
Reading that the key word is "version". Its coming PS4. GT6XL edition for PS4? :)
majedx9  +   441d ago
PS4 versions for ME... MOHAHAHAHAH
Braid  +   440d ago
What are you guys celebrating, exactly?

As far as I can read, he neither confirms nor denies a PS4 version. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a GT on PS4 but that's not an official confirmation, but rather a possbility that may or may not happen in the future.

He just says they "have PS4 version in mind". What is it then, just a premature thought in their heads, or an ongoing, actual project that their programmers have been working on? We don't know yet, and it doesn't look like they're working on a PS4 version right now as I believe they would outright tell that rather than beating around the bush. Why would they hide it, they had a special GT event going on, wouldn't that be the perfect time to announce the PS4 version? Why wait for E3 when you're already holding a big event that's exclusive to the GT franchise?

The quote only confirms that there won't be a GT game as a launch title for PS4, as he clearly noted that they decided to focus on releasing the game solely on the PS3 platform this holiday season, which is the exact time period in which PS4 is due out.

After that, who knows, maybe we can see an enhanced port of GT6.
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BlaqMagiq24  +   440d ago
Bingo. Nailed it. I would love to see this on PS4 as well, but it's too early to celebrate just yet. E3 will probably answer that question. I'm hoping it happens.
Objective  +   440d ago
Actually there's another cause for non celebration. If they are indeed doing a PS4 'version', it is likely just going to be a port of a version optimized for PS3. I don't think that it is going to turn out ideal at all.
BABY-JEDI  +   440d ago
Good business move by Sony, also a good way of supporting both systems. Will be really interesting to see the comparisons between PS3 & PS4
AKS  +   440d ago
Who would have guessed the biggest racing franchise and consistently one of the franchises to showcase Playstation hardware would get a sequel on PS4? I was sure they'd just scrap their best selling and biggest franchise of all time for no apparent reason, but they pull off the shocker of the decade and make another GT game. Megaton!
vegnadragon  +   440d ago
OK, let's be real, this game will be ported to the PS4 meaning what you see now, it is likely, what you will get. Yes there will be enchantments here and there, but this won't be in the graphics department of Drive Club built for the ps4, pretty much like WatchDog has a PS3 and PS4 version, and the end product is very similar.

If i were to buy one it will be the PS4, since that extra RAM means less loading time.
level 360  +   440d ago
I would most definitely get GT6 simply because I love the series and hearing about a new aerodynamic/tyre and suspension engine system makes me want to see/play out the improvement in physics.
Welcome2Die  +   440d ago
And so the transition begins!
Magnus  +   440d ago
I'll get this on PS4 want to warm the machine up I just hope both versions are differant and the PS4 version is not the PS3 version like an HD remake.
DJ  +   440d ago
I'll wait for the PS4 version of everything.
Yodagamer  +   440d ago
I don't know wait and see if the ps4 gets a version or play it on the ps3. Personally i'll probably get the ps3, if there a ps4 version i'd probably sell the ps3 version and use it towards for the ps4
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