Most Beloved Final Fantasy Characters

Final Fantasy without a doubt is the grand jewel of Square Enix. It all started with Final Fantasy in 1987‚ now sixteen years later the franchise is still going strong with better graphics‚ unique gameplay and story lines that capture your heart. But who are the most beloved Final Fantasy characters? with countless amounts of research we have included a top five list that explains why the following characters are beloved by the many fans‚ what defines them and what are some annoying traits that they have. Welcome to Square Enix Origin’s ” Most Beloved Final Fantasy Characters “.

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ltachiUchiha1618d ago

My favorite was squall because everyone else liked cloud. So many cool ff characters though.

Pyrrhus1617d ago

Tidus at 3 was wierd to say the least... Sephiroth should be first. One of the greatest super villians ever imo.

CEOSteveBallmer1617d ago

Me too as you can see LOL!! cloud is just second for me. Cloud looks more feminine pretty boy type while squall a very handsome dude when talking about looks. And Lionheart is so badass!! and Rinoa for me is the most prettiest FF character ive seen :D

DEATHxTHExKIDx1618d ago

Onion knight just because of Dissdia.

dendenmooshi1617d ago

Looks like the writer is quite the Cloud fan lol.

But Yuna? Opinions i guess. A few damsels come before here on my list.

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The story is too old to be commented.