OUYA controller update: developer who fixed them talks, OUYA comments.

On Tuesday we told you about problems that developers have continued to have with the OUYA controller since the first backer units started shipping in March. In that article we told you that Eric Froemling, who goes by the name efroemling on the OUYA developers board and created BombSquad for OUYA, has developed a few simple lines of code that developers can put into their games and fix the issue. Today Eric was kind enough to take some time to clarify for us what exactly the problem is, where he thinks the problem resides and how his code fixes it, OUYA forum admin Chad also weighed in further on the story, saying that OUYA is aware of the analog dead zone issue.

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SonyWarrior1923d ago

this thing will flop hard

stage881923d ago

I couldn't care less. Tons of emulators and XBMC? This is getting bought day 1.

konnerbllb1923d ago

Ditto. I'm buying it for xbmc alone but the emulators are a nice bonus.

CommonSenseGamer1923d ago

I want one for the emulation plus its also a great DLNA, wifi media player with HDMI. Sure you can DLNA on your PS3/360 but not without having to convert most media to make it work. This thing will turn any TV into a smart TV and probably do it better than what Sony and Samsung currently provide.

I dont know if it will flop or not but just from a media perspective it packs in some great value for the price. Throw in emulators and indie games from the Play Store and you have a pretty cool piece of kit. I can easily see this sitting next to my other consoles under my TV.

ziggurcat1923d ago

a piece of crap product has a piece of crap controller? i'm *shocked*


M-M1923d ago

People say they would buy this thing for emulators. Well, I can just use an emulator on my laptop, plug it in to my TV via HDMI, and use my PS3 controller to play using Motionjoy, so I personally don't have interest in the Ouya since emulating seems to be drawing the most attention.

Agent_00_Revan1923d ago

That requires you to take your 15-17" laptop, set it up next to the tv, if you even have a convenient spot to sit it, open up the emulator and connect your PS3 controller.

This thing is the size of a Rubics cube, always plugged in, and will have XBMC and potentially other useful things with it.

I get what you are saying, but for $99, even if its Completely useless as an Android gaming console, there are still so many other potentially good uses for it for entertainment. I want one solely for the XBMC use. Emulators are another. Anything else is a bonus. I'm not even thinking about whether or not the games will be any good.

chasegarcia1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

This console is for anybody that would like to learn how to make and sell games without much money. That alone is worth it.

Jake_the_Dog1923d ago

I can actually see myself buying this because of emulation, the nvidia shield on the other hand is completely useless.

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