Gran Turismo 6 – watch full presentation from Silverstone

Gran Turismo 6 was announced during an event at the Silverstone Circuit by Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi. VG247′s Sam Clay filmed the entire presentation for you. Watch the next iteration in racing simulation’s reveal below.

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thechosenone2038d ago

Dat adaptive tessellation.

abzdine2038d ago

those numbers in the end are extremely impressive and almost scary!
i'm excited for this game and i'm getting it day one!

thechosenone2038d ago

hell yeah brah. I haven't been this excited for a PS3 game since LoU. I love that Sony has chosen to end the PS3 life with such amazing games. I can't wait to see what they do next gen.

aCasualGamer2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

I know the video is about Gran Turismo 6, but i couldn't focus on anything other than the Translator. Him and his notebook are legendary now.

Larry L2038d ago


I see what the real point of this GT event was now. Not to announce GT6 and the new GT Academy, it was to give Translator-san a warm-up before E3. He was off today, should have had a warm-up on the material before thise event. Translator-san kinda pulled the energy out of Yamauchi-san's presentation.

But it's the game that matters. That said, what's the over-under bookies are giving on this game making it out in the pre-Christmas window?

a_bro2038d ago

they're trying to make him give a f**k....

thechosenone2038d ago

either he's extremely nervous which cause him to stutter a lot or he doesn't give a sh*t cause his boss doesn't understand english anyway. xD

Me-Time2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

From what I gathered over the years, Kaz is just insecure about his English-speaking proficiency.

Larry L2038d ago

Yeah, he deffinitely understands english. A couple times in this presentation Kaz points out he said something wrong and/or missed saying something, and tells him to say the right thing.

This may be Translator-San's last appearance, lol.

Knushwood Butt2038d ago

Yeah, I hope someone creates a version of this that edits him out.

Knushwood Butt2038d ago

Looks like the AV team dropped the ball too: remote control dodgy, no sound..

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SoapShoes2038d ago

The much more advanced physics and track creator is what I'm most interested in! That scenery for your custom track looked amazing!

Minato-Namikaze2038d ago

And they said GT 6 wouldn't be a big improvement over GT5 if it was PS3 exclusive.

Larry L2038d ago

GT has always had the best physics on consoles anyway (aside from 2 games, Ferrari and SuperCar Challenge, but no one paid attention to those games anyway), but since the word simulator is pushed with GT, and with Project Cars having some really advanced physics coming to consoles, yeah....PD needed to step their game up with the tire and suspension physics modelling. And that's right where their attention went, so credit to PD for knowing where they're lacking.

And the GPS integration with the track I going to be able to make a track out of my town from GPS data? That would be so crazy! I know a couple places in my area that would make good tracks. I hope they aren't including the houses, you know some idiots would be like "Yeah MFer!!! I live right here, come get me let's see how tough you are!!!" LOL

But wouldn't a GSP track creator mean you could just plug in "Watkin's Glen Raceway" and you could have a basic representation of the track, which hopefully you could then tweak to perfect? I wonder how deep it actually is. NEED MORE DATA !!!!!

SoapShoes2038d ago

I don't think it'll recreate the area, just the layout of the road. Also Project CARS will undoubtedly have decent physics but I doubt it'll best GT6 maybe just maybe GT5.

VonBraunschweigg2038d ago

The track from which GT for PS4 will be announced still needs to be planned & build, I heard it will be in Japan.

I like GT5, I'm looking out for the PS4, but why Sony? Why make us wait another 3 or 4 years before we get to play our nextgen GT on our nextgen PS.

Larry L2038d ago

I doubt it will be that long. As soon as GT6 is shipped, they'll probably start optimizing for the PS4 version of GT6 and release it some time in PS4's second year once there's an install base and the year 1 games can get some sales.

Then take a well deserved break, because I don't think the PD team as a whole has taken a break since GT5 development went into high gear. Kaz even said around GT5's launch GT6 development started as soon as 5 was shipped.

VonBraunschweigg2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

You wish. GT6 is made for PS3 and "optimizing" a PS3 game for PS4 is perhaps possible, but will never get you the results you would get when developing for PS4. Not acceptable, especially for a GT game.

GT6 when it releases later this year is already optimised, for PS3. There is no GT for PS4, and there won't be for a looong time. PD will get their brake, I certainly am not going to deny them their brake, and after that they will ask Sony for a devkit and start thinking when they will start thinking about the development of Gran Turismo 7


As much as I love GT and Sony supporting consoles for more years than the competition, I think this is a missed opportunity. Sure they want to make money and PS3 has the userbase, but somewhere in that 15 year long special relationship I saw the opportunity for something special. A new GT game at the start of a new consolegeneration. They would sell eachother.

Larry L2038d ago

They say right in the press-release that the engine is scaleable and ready for the future, which means PS4. Besides, by the time I type this reply it's already a story that they have a PS4 version in mind. Looks like 1-0 me. lol jk.....kinda

Minato-Namikaze2038d ago

If the ps4 version of gt 6 wont be out until the PS4's second year then they might as well start work on GT7. No reason to release a ps4 version of GT6 in late 2014 or early 2015

Salooh2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Your dream come true n4g members. And just like what i expected just more content with a little improvement. Which is great for ps3 but disappointing for the ps4. It would be great if they released it in the beginning of this year but noo they want us to keep the ps3 even after ps4 released which is annoying as hell.

Disappointing for me but you people here wanted a ps3 version so stop complaining. What they did is great for ps3. That's the best you gett from this old hardware..

Customazation (check)
More premium cars (check)
More tracks and really amazing track editor (Check)
Solid gameplay without problems ( check)
It will release after 5 months (check)
Community and club..etc (Check)

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