5 Reasons Violent Video Games Are Not the Problem

Two days ago, Vice-President Joe Biden stoked the fires of internet hate by insisting that a tax be put on violent video games. This stirred up some old bile and the everlasting cesspool of pundits is clamoring to get their uneducated and non-gamer say. Truth is, violent games are not the issue. Violent games do not cause violent behavior. Here are 5 reasons why violent video games are fine.

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ravenhathcock2038d ago

It's not like the crime in our country is down or anything? I think the government is trying to shift the blame from a poor healthcare system and gun regulation laws that don't work.

You read my mind!

djplonker2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Three funny videos that PROVE gun regulation works - PART ONE - PART TWO - PART THREE

try watching them then say it does not work.....

andrewer2038d ago

People kill, not games...Except for the Wii Remote - that shit is dangerous.

Heisenburger2038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

That photo makes me want a jawbreaker.

What a terrible name for a candy.

Babies having babies is a big part of "the problem". We as a nation are becoming increasingly more narcissistic. Thus parents are looking for an easy *way to distract their children so they can focus on themselves.