Assassin’s Creed 3 has now sold more than 12 million units to date, Far Cry 3 at 6 million units

Assassin’s Creed 3 has now sold more than 12 million units to date, Far Cry 3 at 6 million units

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Root1924d ago

Wish it was the other way round

Far Cry 3 deserves more sales then AC3

UnHoly_One1924d ago

It really does, and I've been a diehard AC fan since the first game.

Root1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Far Cry 3 was just a better game in my opinion which was way more improved then the last game while AC3 despite having a fancy new engine was a step back for the franchise

Lack of focus on actual templars...the plot over time has become less and less about the templars

Focused too much on the war it's self

Connor was bland and boring

Voice acting sucked, Connors sounded wooden

The Plot dragged on

Haytham should of been a good guy, he was the best character in the game and I feel like if they wern't so scared of p****** off Americans his little templar group we see at the begining should of been the founding fathers plotting to use the up coming war to rise to power. Haytham should of been the one to help you.

Lets not forget the ending sucked...Juno is now free and instead of making a proper sequel, aka AC4, we are getting Black Flags which is basicaly an idea that should of been a new IP or an AC3 spin off since it's about Connors grandfather. I mean they arn't using the Animus apparently in AC4 so Juno will be no where to be found in the present time. AC4-6 could of been about Junos war on humanity and how to stop her.

I think the new Anvil engine is what fooled us into thinking it was going to be amazing. The same will happen with COD Ghosts and it's new will look nice but at it's core it's the same bloody game

grailly1924d ago

connor had such horrible voice acting, so bad I couldn't even tell if the writing was good or bad anymore.

I couldn't believe the voice actor was nominated for best video game actor of the year and connor best character, while max payne and his VA were no where to be seen.

starchild1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Nah, they are both incredible games. I loved AC3 and Farcry 3. Two of the best games I have played in the past year.

Edit: Oh god, what the hell is wrong with people? What is with this hate-bandwagon for AC3? It was easily the best game in the franchise. I can understand there is certain amount of subjectivity to things like this, but the exaggeration and hate directed towards this game is just ridiculous.

grailly1924d ago

nah it's just a bad game…
a few reasons:
-horrible control: impossible to run around, connor would just stick to everything, going through a door takes 2-4 tries.
-one button does everything: picking up a weapon in combat is impossible because it's mapped to the same button as counter, same problems with other buttons
-linear missions: for an open world game, it never let's you play a mission how you want, and doesn't give you a good reason why
-terrible, buggy AI (gets stuck on environment then teleport, too bad you had to follow it and now lost the mission)
-free running through cities is useless(wide roads oblige you to go back to street level, more guards on roofs, guards will chase you), it's just easier to run in the street(but even that's a pain)
-no real stealth

and that's only part of the problems I have with the gameplay, I'm not even getting into the story and characters yet...

Daver1924d ago

I doubt we will see the same sales for assassins creed 4 game. The sales will continue to drop until they make something completly new with the serie. That is just my opinion.

Deku-Johnny1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

But Edward is a pirate!

Jek_Porkins1924d ago

I like the Assassins Creed games, but AC3 was a bit of a letdown, I hated Connor and thought he whined a lot, wasn't interesting, and overall I felt like I was lied to a bit from the Ubisoft E3 shows and demo's.

I loved Far Cry 3 though, great game and a lot of fun to play through, I think every year for a game like AC is a bit much, but seeing as they sell 12+ million copies a year, I'm sure they will continue on.

Deku-Johnny1924d ago

That's because AC3 is a better game than FC3.

RTheRebel1924d ago

haha hahaha
Just beat Far Cry 3 my god that game shits all over Boring Creed 3

MasterD9191924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Far Cry 3 had far more potential than AC did. AC3 did all it could, while Far Cry 3 fell short.

I traded Far Cry 3 a week or two after I realize how pitiful the multiplayer was, the fact that you couldn't have NPC's or animals in custom games or online, and the singleplayer got stale real fast. They limited themselves. Yeah, the world was nice, but they could have done much more. It gets old.

I did buy and enjoy Blood Dragon recently though. And if we are talking about bad voice acting...Jason Brody's voice actor wins by far. At least Connor's voice actor fit his role.