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Five Games We'd Like To See Announced For the Next Xbox

Here are five (maybe six...?) titles that will hopefully make the rounds with next week's announcements. (Alan Wake 2, Dance Central 3, Geometry Wars 2, Halo 5: Guardians, Project Gotham Racing 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

aviator189  +   681d ago
I'm all for the titles listed except halo 5.
It's just too early for that. Maybe Halo 2 HD?
TheDCD  +   681d ago
A remake? Already? Meh, I'd rather have a spin-off.
darthv72  +   681d ago
the notion...
of a halo 2 remastering is very plausible. they did it with halo anniversary edition and halo 2 was much more accepted than the 1st so them remaking it on the 720 as sort of a launch title could be very likely.

It had been said that the multiplayer in H2 was superior back in the day and what better way to get people back into the action than bring it up to speed with revised visuals. They could do that while production on the real halo 5 is still being done.

In this day and age of taking a solid staple and remixing it into something newer isnt that unheard of. It is a place holder while real new titles are developed.

still to this day....halo 2 had the best reveal trailer i have ever seen. That music....still as powerful to listen to while watching the chief walk through the loading bay to see the chaos on the planet below.

Halo 3 reveal was equally impressive visually and musically but Halo 2 is my personal fav.

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Sovereign59  +   681d ago
Yeah, it's far too early to be expecting Halo 5. We know it's coming, but I don't want to see it for a couple years. They need to take their time and hopefully deliver a superior campaign experience than what we got in 4.

I would love an HD remake of Halo 2. I remember when they were releasing the anniversary edition of Combat Evolved they basically said a remake of 2 was never going to happen, but it's possible they have by now or will eventually change their minds.

@Darthv72: I don't think they'd give a Halo 2 remake its own multiplayer. For the Halo 1 remake they just added a few multiplayer maps that were playable within Halo Reach and 1 map to firefight because they didn't want to take away from the Reach player base.
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BattleReach  +   681d ago
Alan Wake pleaase.
maniacmayhem  +   681d ago
Geometry Wars 3, that would be damn awesome.

Halo 5? Seriously? C'mon now, Halo 4 is still going strong. How about a new side scrolling Conker by the team that did Splosion Man? How about a new Perfect Dark or Crackdown. List was too safe in my opinion.
TheDCD  +   681d ago
A side-scrolling Conker? Nah, do a sequel to Bad Fur Day with Rare. Or, hey, there was Killer Instinct...
Jek_Porkins  +   681d ago
My personal list is:
Alan Wake 2
Project Gotham Racing 5
Class4-MMORPG from Undead Labs
Fable MMO

I definitely want to see more than these 5, but those 5 are definitely interesting to me.

I think we'll see something Halo, but Halo 2 HD makes much more sense and will probably release on the Xbox 360 as well.
ichimaru  +   681d ago
lol I love that you are guaranteed a minimum of two disagrees every post. I've been noticing every time you comment
Jek_Porkins  +   681d ago
I don't really understand it, I mean if someone disagrees with me, why not offer a bit of friendly debate?

I can only speak my mind in a friendly way and my opinion is mine alone. I liked my list, thought maybe some others would too, but I guess not.

Would absolutely love a new IP from Black Tusk or Rare though.
Minato-Namikaze  +   681d ago
killer instinct, jet force gemini (do they own the rights?), new ip, new ip, new, ip.
SDF Repellent  +   681d ago
2013 launch window:
1. Killer Instinct
2. Ryse
3. PGR5
4. Respawn's New IP
5. Halo 2 HD

1. Black Tusk AAA Core shooter (Spring Release)
2. Gears of War 4 (Fall Release)
3. Forza 5 (Fall Release)
4. Halo Wars 2 (Summer Release)

1. A brand New Rare Core IP (Sumer Release)
2. Fable MMO (Fall Release)
3. Halo 5 (Fall lease)
4. Alan Wake 2 (Spring Release)
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DarthJay  +   681d ago
I don't see any way they wait that long into a new console to release a NEW Halo game. Halo 2 HD for two years wouldn't cut it.
DonkeyWalrus  +   681d ago
I don't know about that. Halo 3 didn't come out until 2 years after the 360 released, so Halo 5 in 2015 could happen. I don't think Halo 2 HD will come out in 2013, at least if they're doing an anniversary style thing like with Halo CEA. If that's the case then I would expect Halo 2 Anniversary in 2014. But then again it would also make sense for MS to want a Halo game to launch with the next Xbox so who knows...
BattleReach  +   681d ago
No way Alan Wake 2 in 2015. I think its in launch window 2013, they had already 3 years of development right now (it also took Remedy 3 years to make Alan Wake 1 after they scrapped the prototype of the game). Also Remedy has been teasing us with 'something big coming this year'.
towelie1288  +   681d ago
halo 4 is still a great game..the should make some free maps for everyone though not just paid ones
FlyingFoxy  +   681d ago
Halo already AGAIN?, i got irritated at the fact 360 had tons of shooters anyway.. I barely played my 360 because i much rather play on my PC.

But Halo is seriously over rated, if you want to enjoy real fun FPS's get a decent PC and play Valve's games. They are top quality and don't milk every game they have every 1-2 years with a sequel.

When i played the first Halo i wondered what the fuss was about, at the same time i was playing Soldier of Fortune 2 online on my PC which was a ton more fun after i'd just got broadband. I don't quite get what all the excitement is for Halo, it's fairly mediocre.
Urusernamesucks  +   681d ago
I can alredy play some of valves great games on my 360 so no thanks.
from the beach  +   681d ago
I'd like to see Crimson Dragon moved to 720. Make it Kinect optional, since the camera will be probably be bundled with every console. Beef it up a bit.

Would go down well and could be a really strong new Xbox IP.
Captain Qwark 9  +   681d ago
dark souls 2
dragon age 3
halo 2 remake
alan wake 2
banjo kazoozie ( true sequel )
killer instinct
Battlefield 4

all before march 2014. that would be a killer lineup and a little something for everyone
Embolado  +   681d ago
1.Prey 2
3.RPG from Mistwalker/SE
4.Avengers/X-Men arcade style w/online co-op, supprised there is not a game out like this.
5.Elder Scrolls VI
Goldenarmz  +   681d ago
If i had to make a top 5 list of games i would like to see announced i think it would be.

Lost Odyssey 2
Lost Odyssey 2
Lost Odyssey 2
Lost Odyssey 2
Lost Odyssey 2
ShinraE5  +   681d ago
Horrible list (just my opinion). If they announced titles like these at the reveal, I am pre-ordering a PS4.

What about a new alan wake, or a crackdown or perfect dark reboot? How about a killer instinct revival? Why not try to make a proper banjo kazooie or kameo? There is a ton of stuff they could do better than this.
Loki86  +   681d ago
Killer Instinct 3
Dragon Age III (Exclusive)
Alan Wake 2
Halo 2 HD

HM: Respawn's new IP
Alexander24  +   681d ago
The 5 things I want from this event is as follows:

1. Exclusives (First Party)
2. XBL to be free
3. Show the console
4. Price
5. Release date
JeffGUNZ  +   680d ago
I really see both consoles charging for their service. I see PSN being free for a stripped bare minimum package. But to be honest, all those features we saw with Gaiki are going to cost something. I don't mind paying a few as long as the means justify the ends.
GABRIEL1030  +   681d ago
circus charlie nes, because they already have constructed the Big Top. :(
Please watch ===>

mochachino  +   681d ago
It's sad that the only game on that list that I'd be excited for is Halo 5.

Xbox: Went from my console of choice with the best exclusives to the console I never play and view bitterly as taking a fool's money for too many years. All in one generation.

But I will eventually have to get the Next Box at some point for Halo. Probably well after my PS4 when it drops to $200 used which will be a very long time from now.
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JeffGUNZ  +   680d ago
I respect your opinion, but think it is a little premature. I think E3 we all would have a better realization of what we will get from each system.
DDDGirlGamer85  +   681d ago
Looks Awesome! Cant WAit!
WickedLester  +   680d ago
1.) New Banjo Kazooie & Killer Instinct
2.) New Mech Assault
3.) New Rallisport Challenge
4.) New Splinter Cell
5.) New Halo
6.) New Forza
7.) Ryse
8.) New Alan Wake

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