Five Games We'd Like To See Announced For the Next Xbox

Here are five (maybe six...?) titles that will hopefully make the rounds with next week's announcements.

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aviator1892039d ago

I'm all for the titles listed except halo 5.
It's just too early for that. Maybe Halo 2 HD?

TheDCD2039d ago

A remake? Already? Meh, I'd rather have a spin-off.

darthv722038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

of a halo 2 remastering is very plausible. they did it with halo anniversary edition and halo 2 was much more accepted than the 1st so them remaking it on the 720 as sort of a launch title could be very likely.

It had been said that the multiplayer in H2 was superior back in the day and what better way to get people back into the action than bring it up to speed with revised visuals. They could do that while production on the real halo 5 is still being done.

In this day and age of taking a solid staple and remixing it into something newer isnt that unheard of. It is a place holder while real new titles are developed.

still to this day....halo 2 had the best reveal trailer i have ever seen. That music....still as powerful to listen to while watching the chief walk through the loading bay to see the chaos on the planet below.

Halo 3 reveal was equally impressive visually and musically but Halo 2 is my personal fav.

Sovereign592038d ago (Edited 2038d ago )

Yeah, it's far too early to be expecting Halo 5. We know it's coming, but I don't want to see it for a couple years. They need to take their time and hopefully deliver a superior campaign experience than what we got in 4.

I would love an HD remake of Halo 2. I remember when they were releasing the anniversary edition of Combat Evolved they basically said a remake of 2 was never going to happen, but it's possible they have by now or will eventually change their minds.

@Darthv72: I don't think they'd give a Halo 2 remake its own multiplayer. For the Halo 1 remake they just added a few multiplayer maps that were playable within Halo Reach and 1 map to firefight because they didn't want to take away from the Reach player base.

maniacmayhem2039d ago

Geometry Wars 3, that would be damn awesome.

Halo 5? Seriously? C'mon now, Halo 4 is still going strong. How about a new side scrolling Conker by the team that did Splosion Man? How about a new Perfect Dark or Crackdown. List was too safe in my opinion.

TheDCD2038d ago

A side-scrolling Conker? Nah, do a sequel to Bad Fur Day with Rare. Or, hey, there was Killer Instinct...

Jek_Porkins2039d ago

My personal list is:
Alan Wake 2
Project Gotham Racing 5
Class4-MMORPG from Undead Labs
Fable MMO

I definitely want to see more than these 5, but those 5 are definitely interesting to me.

I think we'll see something Halo, but Halo 2 HD makes much more sense and will probably release on the Xbox 360 as well.

ichimaru2038d ago

lol I love that you are guaranteed a minimum of two disagrees every post. I've been noticing every time you comment

Jek_Porkins2038d ago

I don't really understand it, I mean if someone disagrees with me, why not offer a bit of friendly debate?

I can only speak my mind in a friendly way and my opinion is mine alone. I liked my list, thought maybe some others would too, but I guess not.

Would absolutely love a new IP from Black Tusk or Rare though.

Minato-Namikaze2039d ago

killer instinct, jet force gemini (do they own the rights?), new ip, new ip, new, ip.

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The story is too old to be commented.