DUST 514: The Launch of a Better Deal

Zam writes:

Launching today, DUST 514 promises a better deal for console gamers. But can it deliver? We interview executive producer Brandon Laurino and game designer Eino Joas to find out.

Today, CCP pulls the shrink-wrap off its latest game. After running in open beta since January 22, DUST 514 is ready for prime time. Developed in Shanghai exclusively for the PlayStation 3, the MMOFPS represents a new window on EVE Online’s universe of New Eden.

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MikeyDucati12043d ago

The question should be, are people ready for Dust 514. Great work CCP. There has been ups and downs but my god, I'm impressed with what you guys have created. Dust 514 is an experience that I cherish. And the most important part is that it's so different than what you got going on today.

Temporary2042d ago

I agree 100% ... when it was a closed beta I thought this game wouldnt go anywhere, I was really not expecting it to go above and beyond like it did.

This game is the ultimate FPS/MMO experience, oh and it's Free.

Tr10wn2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

This game is the ultimate FPS/MMO that no one will play... CCP give the middle finger to the PC community and make it a PS3 exclusive even knowing the record of PS3 FPS that fail because no one plays them, Haze, MAG, Killzone 2 and 3 Resistance 1 2 and 3, Dust had a better future in PC or even the 360 but they choose the worst platform for a FPS, good job CCP.

you mean on PS3? beucase i have over 150 hours in Planetside 2 PC, still dont get your point.


You obviously have never played Planet Side 2 with a comment like that.

MikeyDucati12042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )


Where I'm from they call that being jelly (jealous). And in actuality, CCP talked to MS about bringing DUST to their consoles but MS gave them such a hard time about it with their restraints and such. The PC is for EVE, the DUST is for PS3.

And PS3 is not the worst platform for a FPS. There's no need for such anger for it being on PS3. I mean seriously, what is that all about? Dust is huge on PS3. And even if it were on 360, do you think all those Halo players and COD players could just come into Dust and have a good time? There's people who complain now about the learning curve and it's less arcadey, more strategic feel.

No one is talking Haze. MAG had a cult following. KZ 2 and 3 is still rolling. And the Resistance series are loved by PS3 owners.

So you right, CCP did do a good job. They went to a console that was willing to work with their format. A console that has been growing at a significant rate. It sucks that MS couldn't work with them and I understand your grief.

Tr10wn2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Is not hate, i had a PS3 and it was good for alot of things but when it comes to FPS the controller is not for it, is not something im making up you can ask anyone and they will say the PS3 controller is not for shooters same thing applied to the 360 controller and fighting games.

From all those games i mention the only one i bought on launch day was MAG and i actually enjoy it, after about 3 months you can hardly find a good match because there werent enough people to fill it up and after like a year "im not sure" the servers went down this is what is gonna happen to Dust, you can say all you want about the beloved KZ serie and Resistance but you can hardly find a match on those games right now.

Time will prove me right, give it 1 year, i know PS3 fanboys will disagree "like always" but dust wasn't meant to be a PS3 exclusive a PC/PS3 release would have make much more sense, and just to clarified, i don't even play EVE my brother does and he always hyped me about it all the time because he knows i like FPS and we could actually play the game together he from space and i from the ground "something like that" and from what he told me the EVE have a big dedicated "PC" user base and that's why i said CCP give them the middle finger.

No jelly here, plenty of games to play but can't avoid solid facts which makes me think how CCP can release a game on PS3 and not on PC where their massive user base is? we are in N4G probably the biggest PS3 fanclub site out there, commenting on DUST a PS3 exclusive and there are only 6 comments from 4 different users, keep in mind the front page have 4 articles about GT6 with 60+ comment each some reaching over 100+ comments, this is the interest PS3 community have in DUST, now tell me how DUST is strong on the PS3 again?