Killzone: Rise To Arms Mod Revisited

About two weeks back, Killzoneunit discovered the Killzone: Rise to Arms mod for Half Life 2.

This week, there's a few image updates that look pretty good. The most notable being the ISA M4 Semi-Automatic Pistol, which is now fully textured.

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BilI Gates3922d ago

That gun was pwnage in the original Killzone.

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

jappa3922d ago

I owen all 3 consols, and i have HALO3 the game is good , but the grapics are baaaaaad, i been angry on bungi that it took them 2-3years to finish, with THAT grapics. SO i hope that KILL ZONE will kill it. Becuse then bungi can learn not to be lazy in grap`department.

LinuxGuru3922d ago

Interesting...I played Halo 3 on my friend's 360 for the first time today....and it was on his 40" 1080p Samsung visa HDMI...and there were jaggies like CRAZY!

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Jaggies, jaggies, and MORE jaggies!

The game looked decent, but overall has better color saturation, better lighting, and higher-res textures, but that's about it. Animations, effects, etc....not much improved over Halo 2.

Although the bubble shield effect was pretty neat, I have to admit.

Clinton5143922d ago

If it came out before Killzone 2 I think that would be great.

psnDevistator3563922d ago

Cant F_uckin wait. I'm going to download this and run it on my new custom pc I got a few weeks ago. God I hope it doesnt take as long as the real killzone2 is taking. Well its like a remake which would be awesome. I wonder if your going to have team mates like the last one.