The 25 Most Cringe Worthy Video Game Tattoos Ever

This is to help those who are planning to get a tattoo. A nicely done tat can be really sexy. However going overboard can be a permanent reminder of a bad idea and epic fail.
Which one is your favorite?

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IanVanCheese1894d ago

don't bother reading. Save yourselves the 2 minutes I just wasted. Gossip magazine level journalism.

Septic1894d ago

Eh? It did what it basically set out to in the title. I thought it was interesting.

OhReginald1894d ago

I liked this article.

What the hell are you talking about gossip magazine level journalism???? you high??

SnakeCQC1894d ago

damn i never understood facial tattoos

Septic1894d ago

My days some of them were terrible.

I don't get how people abuse their bodies like that. I treat mine like a temple, these guys treat theirs like a sketch book....a really bad one at that too.

AedanClarke1894d ago

Damn straight. I approve of using the human body as art, not as a canvas. Especially when it's used like this...

Seriously, that PlayStation one is terrible... also, if it's supposed to show fandom for Sony, why is Ezio on there? *facepalm*

Garbanjo0011893d ago

meh, some peoples temple is a canvas. Can't argue with people that want to get that stuff done. On a different note, some of the artwork was just horrible. But some were cool. I liked the zelda one. I wouldn't get that much artwork for zelda on my own body, but only time will tell. I do have a video game in mind to have tattooed. But it's my favorite NES game of all time, and something that I will always have with me.

S-T-F-U1894d ago

Picture 16 is the best one.

Root1894d ago

Theres a tattoo on picture 16 :O

...was too busy looking at something else

Root1894d ago

I really want the Half Life Lambda Core on my wrist but I'm always scared that they'll do a really crap job at it

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