Top 20 best selling franchises in past 8 years

During Ubisoft's financial report there was a slide that listed the top 20 gaming franchises of the last 8 years. The number one spot went to Call of Duty with Mario taking up spot 2. Can you guess the rest?

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from the beach1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Great to see Sonic there, even if he's clinging on to the bottom of the list by his fingertips.

Series was really struggling about a decade ago but has turned around.

Detoxx1960d ago

COD on 1. What a shame

Relientk771960d ago

It's sad some of the games on this list sold what they did

yet they sell more than the Bioshock, Uncharted, and The Legend of Zelda franchises

Edward751960d ago

This really goes to show, it's not always the quality of the game, but marketing and hitting target groups is more important for successful numbers.

Root1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Yeah so true

I think most of these games like COD are because of the social gimmick like effects it has on know certain people wanting to fit into a group with the new "fad" and what's "cool" at the moment

Most of those games are basicaly modern fads of how in the past you had conkers, pokemon cards, crazy bones, beyblades etc

ssj271960d ago

More like hitting a target group .. GTA does not over hype their game with marketing until the end.. just enough to let people know they are out and when to buy their game.

But cod abd halo targets college and teens into making them believe those are the cool games to play with friends competitive and they investment in tournaments shows that..

SOCOM did it once.. they trailers where cool fun friends playing and they hit that target..

GT does it by been in racing tournaments.. real racing and it promote itself as the sim to get and invest huge time in that field.

Mario is the game to get because we all growth up playing mario and now we are the parents and let our kids play with marie because it was cool when we did it.

Fifa sales more because of it 11 vs 11 online option plus easy to play online features in which PES have been having such a weak presentation .. they hit the target.

That what marketing should be and games should have the options to catch people attention ..

KILLZONE SF should be showed as a very beautiful immersing experience that everyone face droll of amazement and then jump into the MP showing that player getting a online invite and a seamless transition of him jumping into the online match while his team is losing and him starting to own everybody .. boom ''KILLZONE SHADOW FALL Only on the PS4 OCTOBER 28 PS4 launch title " "GREATNESS AWAITS" "PS4"

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The story is too old to be commented.