Big Guns! A Look at 2008 Exclusives, Xbox 360 and PS3

Could it be? Does the PS3 have more and better exclusives this year? Looks like 2008 may possibly be the year of the Playstation, again. Just like old times.
Is it just me or is almost every big game coming out this year a sequel? No matter what console you're on. Either way, you got to be excited about something on the list. If the majority of these games actually release this year, wow.

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HarryEtTubMan3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Resistance 2

"Guaranteed success. While the first was a great game and fairly big success, it was still just a launch title. Imagine what they can do after a couple years and games under their belt. 8 player Co-Op! Expect big things from this game."

There are so many other big games. Killzone 2 is going to be HUGEEEE, Sony just isn't hyping it. I know KZ2 is gonna be BIG. There are so many more.

Xbox 360 is already the price of the Wii before these Europe price cuts and is the oldest with the most games to play(considering the PS3 and Wii are barely a year old LMAOOOOOO)and they are BEGGING people to buy it and people are SAYING NO to the CrustyBUTTbox hahahahahhahaha.....even all my friends on campus ALL want to get PS3;s eventually and NO they dont all play 360... yea I have a pleasefixme(see my profile) and I do have about 15 friends that own a 360 and about 7 that own a PS3.... but now EVERYONE is saying they want the PS3 becuase of the outlook and games and how PSN is changing. HAHAHAHAHHAA NO ONE SAYS they want the CrustyBUTTbox over the PS3 HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHAHAHAH SUCK IT BOTS YOU HAVE LOST AND WILL LOSE HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA HA

Xbox 360 is DOOMED. Its not going to have good hardware sales again this generation.

Shaka2K63921d ago

RROD, crappy games and horrible overpriced online service.

xbox 180 was a step backwards for microflop, the xbug ended a second place last gen. this time the xbug 180 will finished a distand third.

no games for 2008.

Sez 3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

you do know half those games for the ps3 are not coming out this year. MGS4,gt5p,resistance2,lbp. everything else is coming out next year. and to add insult to injury. haze is NO LONGER EXCLUSIVE TO THE PS3.ha ha ha ha ha @[email protected] guess the 360 lineup is better. NG2,Too human,fable2,halo wars, left 4 dead, splinter cell,Banjo-Kazooie 3,Gears of War 2.yeah looks like 360 has more exclusive coming out this year than sony does.

liquidsnake3920d ago

It's not the amount of games, It's the quality...but I guess that's too much for you to understand.

NG2? - Like Sigma with just some more gore.
Too Human? - A 9 year old game idea? (yes this was supposed to come to the Ps1 lol)And it also runs like a slow God of War clone.
SP: Conviction? - LOL, its gonna scream fail. No one whants to play this game except for miserable 180 owners.
Gayo Kazzoie? - Please, need I say more.

I can only see Queers of Wars and Gayble 2 as the only worthy 180 exclusives. Now that's a fail list right there.

Phil Harrison Mk43920d ago

...PS3 is only £269.99 in the U.K now ;-P
(Argos are doing it at that price for Easter)
YOUR SINKING xFlop360...
(Cue JAWS Music...) ;-D

iAmPS33920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Nazisoft is here to spread fear, that is true...

360CameFromHell3920d ago

Nazisoft always surprises me.

Pain3920d ago


InYourMom3920d ago

RROD was a big mistake for MS, I won't deny that. But look at the GOTY awards and tell me what system had the most of them? Crappy games is a load of BS and you know it.

Also, let's look at the install base. Yup, PS3rd place.. Year headstart or not that is where we sit. Let me know when you get within 1 million and then you can start calling the 360 3rd place. By the time Sony's gen ends people like myself will be on to a new and better system. I mean would you be happy still playing your PS2 right now and that isn't even 10 years.. No thanks!

tgh machines3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

I can't believe that you have 14 agrees, holy crap this site is infested with sony fanboys. And notice #2's fanboy xbox statment has 15 disagrees.

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The Wood3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Let the games begin and continue on and on until we care no more. Great for gamers either way

Glad to be a gamer3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

I know on this site i may an exception but my most anticipated 1player game this year is Fable 2(i love rpg/adventure) been keeping an eye on this one and some of the things their doing are revolutionary for the rpg/adventure genre.

Also obviously looking forward to mgs4 and ninja gaiden both of which should blow people away. 360 and ps3 owners are in for a hell of a year.

Only thing im undecided on is Gt prologue. Just downloaded the forza 2 march car pack and im remembering how much joy ive had with this game. Just qualified for an online b class tournament in my bmw m3 2008.

To people who have not played forza 2(the first forza ive played had gt4 before this) they won't understand the infatuation but its the way the cars handle,the sense of speed and danger from driving to the limit with simulation damage. Even the graphics on a hd tv are very pretty and although it does not look as realistic as gt the graphical style gives it a very indivdual art look that i kinda love(rather like pes) while it doesn't go for exact realism but rather a representation.

But most of all the online exp due to the passionate community. from buying a beautiful drifter at the auction house, to scrapping a win in a career race/tournament, or creating your own race car right down to the paint work.

Guess im just not ready to move on to another car game just yet with pgr4 and forza2 keeping me warm. Ive decided for me prologue although beautiful just does not have enough features to get me to replace my beloved friends just yet. Come gt5 i think i'll be ready.

Dareaver13920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Forza creates this car lust that is undescribable. It's almost like you can smell the exhaust while you are modding your car. And then comes the obsession. Taking pictures of your car. Trying to find the perfect place to take your picture, and then to upload it to for the world to bask in your glory. It's a car lust like none other.

The sounds are all different and realistic, the depth to racing is insane, the computer AI is difficult and realistic, the physics (oh how i love the physics) are realistic, the online play (competition is everything), and the tons of available tournaments. If you are a simulation racer junkie, Forza 2 was your wet dream in a game disc.

I'm going to try and attach pictures, not sure if they fixed that problem yet, but here i go.....

Sorry to stray of topic, but i too had to come in and express my love for one of the greatest simulation racers out there and available today.

Well, i tried to upload pictures, but alas it didn't work. But if you guys are curious, just go to

Dareaver13920d ago

let's see if this works....

THE_JUDGE3920d ago

the devs for Forza aren't worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as the guys from Poly. Get real. Forza can't touch GT!

Glad to be a gamer3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Man the 1st and third cars in your pics are brilliant. Love that 3rd especially do you sell any of your work? as i would love to buy a copy of the third or somthing similar.

I got some good designs but most are bought from the auction house lol.
3 of them i made myself but only 1 of them comes close to that third pic. Kudos man!

sols for the thread divertion everyone.

@judge guess you haven't played forza 2 properly before. its like darever1 said because of all the online options/features and the brilliant drivng physics this is a game that you could spend a day on and at the end wonder where it went. Scarily good/addictive.

sonarus3920d ago

Well keep enjoying forza. GT5P does lack content but it is a worthy addition for any racing fan. By the way how were you going to get GT or mgs4 have you gotten that ps3 yet? just askin

incogneato3920d ago

This is a much better comparison of exclusives:

InYourMom3920d ago

That list is horrible and one of the worst I've seen. So much made up FUD on that thing to make the 360 look bad it's not funny.

Please burn that document and shut down that page haha

ReBurn3920d ago

Yeah, I see your point. Those guys at Polyphony have created the most realistic car sim ever! I especially like how the cars realistically bounce off of obstacles without so much as a scratch. That's real next-gen car physics for you!

I've always thought that Gran Turismo is boring. The visuals have always been pretty, but it always felt stiff and lacked any real sense of speed. But that's just me.

Bubble Buddy3920d ago

2008 is NICE. Also with Nba2k9 :D, wow, I'm happy this year.

Dareaver13920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Haven't gotten my PS3 yet. It still isn't bundled with the DualShock 3 yet. I would never buy GT P, because to me it's the same old GT with a semi-new fresh coat of paint. The car models are gorgeous, but the backgrounds lack a little realism and accuracy. Plus the sounds are too, old GT ( I swear they are using the same tire screech wav file), and the demo kinda played like GT 4. I'll have to wait and see how GT 5 is coming along.

When i played the demo for Forza 2, i noticed differences with handling, physics, and levels of immersion (like audio) from Forza 1. With GT, it just feels the same, and i still don't like the nose diving the high-end cars do (like the Lotus Elise for example), they have high performance shocks and struts. Nose diving shouldn't be likened to that of a mini-van.

And i have never been interested in MGS4. My reasoning to get the PS3 is for LBP, Resistance 1 & 2 (Look promising), Uncharted, White Knight, and GoW 3. I'm sure there will be stellar exclusives later, but that's about all the gaming i have in mind so far, plus they have different arcade games and i want a BC compatible model so i can play GoW 2 finish Shadow of the Col...., and play RE 4.

I'm possibly thinking about finding a Used 60gig model, since that's Sony's original vision for the PS3, and just buying 2 DualShock 3 controllers and trading in the regular one i get with the console.

@ Gamer.... those pics i just took from the community page. I wish i was that skilled. Your probably better than me. I kinda like a cleaner car anyway though. There is something about sleek, unabstructed, sculpted sheet metal that is sexy to me. But if you are ever up for a race, add my gamertag. I'm on periodically. plus with the new March cars, i'll be on.

Booyah3920d ago

I play Forza2, I like it but I tried to drive the F40(Ferrari) and a Nissan 40sx..... I didn't have the "feeling" of driving at 240 with the F40. It looked like it was a '80 Volks...

Don't get me wrong... I still love the game for what it has to offers in terms of online experience and customization... but in terms of simulation-racing-cars, I don't think it can touch GT5 or GT4(yes, from the ps2) as I am a car lover.

Dareaver13920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

in Forza 1 and 2, the faster i went the more twitchy the controls became. Which made sense because of downforce, wind resistance, traction, and a myriad of physics calculations.

When i played GT 4, and the demo, i could always make smooth moves regardless of speed. There was no real sense of driving on the edge. GT never has conveyed to me a real sense of weight and a limit to each cars abilities. You can do a jump in GT, no problem. Try doing a jump at that maple track in Forza 2 and your sure to loose control. GT has always been closer to an ideal environment for cars. The fact is we want a more realistic approach, a less perfect environment for these cars. That's the only way your going to get a real sense of danger and excitement. Not if every car handles the same.

Take my S class Silvia, i had to make it all-wheel drive in order to be able to put all that power realistically to the pavement. I drive without Traction control or Stability Management and a Manual Tranny (with the 360 controller's triggers, throttle control has never been so easy), so i'm always on the edge and that feels more realistic than GT. In GT i was always in control, and the cars spun out and did burnouts unrealistically.

At those speeds almost no car is easy to control. you can't brake while turning until you scrape of a huge chunk of speed.

Check out this video clip of GT P vs. Forza 2. See how you are never really totally in control of the Ferrari. That is realistic to me. The GT P version is unrealistic in my mind. Ferraris have extremely responsive steering and suspension performance which can make them harder to control on uneven surfaces and at higher speeds. The Forza 2 version conveys that realness. At least that is my opinion....

But i can understand if you have a different experience then mine own. Thanx for the response.... I like getting a difference of opinion, it helps widen my scope of things. It helps me to see things from a different perspective.

Booyah3919d ago

Bubbles for you for explaining.
I agree however that the wind force on a car is pretty slick.(try the Enzo at full speed with no traction on the ring track lol). But I seems to get a better feeling of driving... let's say a "Civic V-TECH" 94'.

I don't remember if Forza 2 has the 94' model but I'm pretty sure it's close, you'll see the difference with a steering wheel. In GT, why the car spun out was because cars in GT are by default set for racing(stock) to maximize the lap time while in Forza2 it wasn't but you could do it manually(that too, was sick). Now about the Civic, if I remember correctly the car spun out on me in GT but you had to do the qualification race or simulation and set up your car so you could have the "feel" of it on how you drive.... the same with Forza2 where you do some Simulation to adjust your car's setting.

Maybe I'm wrong about how you or whoever spun out but with a bit of car's setting, the car shouldn't have spun out.

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Harry1903921d ago

people don't even remember your predictions nowadays.

mesh13921d ago

thats the most inaccurate list ive seen half the ps3 games are for 2009,while there 5 or more games missing from the 360 list but its going to be a good year for both consoles

MisfitSmurf3920d ago

none of the games on that list are set in 2009, just some of them doesnt really have a release date or a guess when the game is going to be released

Homicide3921d ago

The PS3 line up is better.

CrazzyMan3920d ago

The only game on x360, which may cross 2 mln. barrier this year is gears of war 2. We speak about BIG guns, right? =)
Well, Fable 2 has chances in long term.
Other x360 exclusives will barely cross 1 mln. barrier.

PS3 will be Unstoptable this Christmas at 299$. =)

Phil Harrison Mk43920d ago

It is 100% better ;-P
'Gears of War 2' on that list is the only one that would interest me.
We can't have everything;-D

gonzopia3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

Yeah, looks that way. The 360 has Gears2 and Too Human, the rest don't really appeal to me - and I know Gears2 will eventually make its way to my PC. Still can't find a reason to buy a 360 - at least not yet.

borgome3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

In my opinion both line ups look sick. Unlike our retarded friends
above, I am not a fanboy. I think I'm going to pick up a PS3 after seeing that list.

incogneato3920d ago

You don't have to be a fanboy to see that PS3 has a superior lineup in 2008.

Anyway have you seen Too Human videos? The game looks really crappy. I wouldn't count it as a good exclusive for 360.

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Sevir043921d ago

Hotshots Golf: out of Bounds, coded arms: assault, Infamous, Heavy Rain, 8 days and Level 5(the new square enix)'s White Knight story, because we all know that FF13 wont hit US untill next year, with Japan getting it first if ever, this christmas. God of War 3 wont be until next year so dont expect that, and the New twisted metal game... Drools wont be untill next year either. that said they should have added Wipeout HD, but hey you cant really cover all the exclusives the PS3 has coming this year ^^ with that said we should all just wait for some big reveals at gamers day in May and then Sony's Con at e308 in July.

Glad to be a gamer3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Wipeout hd looks like its gonna be immense can't wait for this playing f zero gx for the 1st time on the wii at the mo and its got me back into futuristic racing.

Atomic3920d ago

Killzone 2 alone is worth 3 Xbox 360 exclusives , the shear cinematic scope of that game is unparalleled on the 360 .