Jason Rubin: Metro: Last Light is the "triumph of an underdog"

Former THQ exec details terrible working conditions for developer 4A Games and "irrational requirements" of THQ.

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NYC_Gamer2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

That's real messed up how 4A was being treated like a piece of garbage by THQ

Arai2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

And yet they turned out 2 excellent games (overall experience).
Some companies with proper working conditions and 60+ million budgets still turn out garbage games.

More the reason to support developers like these and giving the finger to those that only care about money.

Jovanian 2039d ago

4A deserve every bit of acclaim and success they get with this game. I've kept saying over and over the DLC thing is the fault of neither Deep Silver nor 4A games, so why punish either of them over it is beyond me. Its quite obvious their hands were tied in the matter, and it would have been more difficult to rescind every trace of the preorder bonus than to simply keep it as is. That would be THQs doing. Hopefully deep silver realize what a gem of a studio they acquired, and do more to help than to hinder

Jamiex662039d ago

Game is one of the best this year and by the looks of it, that is amazing feat! Kudos 4A!

TedCruzsTaint2039d ago

That's rough.
Extremely rough.

Just cements my backing them when this entire site was going at them for the DLC thing, despite that choice being entirely out of their hands.
Last Light is easily in my list of best games. Period. And I have played a lot of them. The original is in there as well, but there is no denying this is two steps forward for the series.

Best of luck to 4A. They are a truly talented team.

Jovanian 2039d ago

yeah its tough to convince people who are being thick headed and only see the DLC issue as a greedy money grab when there is much more to the story than that

wenaldy2039d ago

Ahhh I miss Rubin and (Andy) Gavin in their early works on Crash Bandicoot:)

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