Inside Killzone: Shadow Fall

Digital Foundry: "Guerrilla Games has released its own post-mortem for the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo revealed at the PlayStation Meeting, giving a range of insights into the power of the PlayStation 4 and its fundamental approach to the new hardware. A range of stats is included, including the fact that the demo used around 4.6GB of memory, with 3GB of that reserved exclusively for graphics."

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Sevir1920d ago

Considering the demo wad shown and completed a month before the unveiling and tuned, it seems that GG has plans to impliment further improvements, and its not even fully utilising the computing features of the GPU. Something that Mark Cerny, AMD and the PS4 System Architect Team really went in and implemented to great extent.

There also seems to be a propensity to double the polygon count per character which currently stands at 40,000, to 80,000.
With a new form of Anti-aliasing solution to be implemented instead of NVidia's Flavor.

as it stands the game engine they have going is a work in progress and will likely continue to be that until this game launches, they aimed for 30 solid frames per second at 1080p for the demo, and they hit it without dips. That's something the PS3 didn't handle well with KZ games running at 720p so I'm lead to believe that They could potentially aim for 60fps at 1080p once they e learnt more of how to efficiently use the computing threads of the GPU. Interestingly enough it seems that currently or at the time of the demo's showing that Developers seem to have 5-6 Of the 8 cores available to them for development purposes from the CPU.

Most of their work load is on the CPU, but plans to shift that load on to the GPU will come once they full grasp how to get the most of both low and high level optimization. :)

Color me stoked, but if KZ:Shadow Fall looks this impressive for a demo, with TMAA planned and a jump in polygons to 80,000 for characters including all the real time ray tracing and real time area lights then hot Damn this will be an incredible launch title visually. And it should very well be a solid 30fps at 1080p. I can't wait to see second generation PS4 games from first party devs as well as multiplatform titles.

Sold day freaking 1

Minato-Namikaze1920d ago

For comparisons sake, do you know how many poly's a character model in KZ2 or 3 had? or was the 40,000 a reference to KZ2 and 3?

gijsbrecht1920d ago

If I am not mistaken the 10.000 polygons figure refers to KZ3.

Sevir1920d ago

Killzone 3 Was 15,000. Keep in mind That the engine for KZ3 only allowed at any one time 6, and at a most 8, and by then the the action would be intense and would cause the engine to dip below 30fps on ps3... Now they've been able to have 60 characters on screen at 40,000 polygons. 60.

For comparisons sake, Nathan Drake stood at at 35,000 while other characters came up at 7-10,000 and at most there was 7-10 Characters at any given time in action. So the PS4 is a huge step up over the PS3. We are in for some impressive games for next gen.

insertnamehurr1920d ago

Loved reading your comment, good one, bud! I´m as excited as you about kz shadow fall and freaken day one for me too!

PigPen1920d ago

I think when they're done with Killzone, it will look just that good.

Cerberus21251920d ago

Sevir I come to this site several times a day and I stop fomenting more than a year ago,and the reason why I stop its because there are not manny people with comments like yours,thanks for a great comment.

Kal-El-0011920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

the demo looks insanely boring and if the other games are any indication then im gonna stay cautious. it is pretty, but if it runs native at 1080p ill be extremely impressed

shadow27971920d ago

It already runs native 1080p...

ssj271920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

no wonder you have many bubbles! well said ;)
once they implement new of the tech they have not the game will only look better.
and 2,3,4 wave of games will be even much better..
I Hope the new IP from GG is darker and maturer.

"we are scratching the surface" like if you know what I mean ;)

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gijsbrecht1920d ago

I am certainly not that tech savvy, but this was actually an interesting read. I am really curious how the end result will be, since the tech seems to be such a work in progress itself.

Minato-Namikaze1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

i hope this game turns out awesome.

Majin-vegeta1920d ago (Edited 1920d ago )

Can't wait.

starchild1920d ago

I'm excited to see more at E3 hopefully.

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