EA Gives Wii U the Cold Shoulder – Frostbite 2 Not Happening, Major Titles Ruled Out

EA Developer says they may not make games for the Wii U. This will hurt Nintendo's Wii U even further. Major game titles ruled out including Star Wars.

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Lior1889d ago

that crappy system is a flop, u just can disagree on this

BullyMangler1889d ago

i know i know, soon the vita will get a whole new re-design and things will look better for it.

PopRocks3591889d ago

There's a reason the both of you only have one bubble.

Kingthrash3601889d ago

why everytime the wiiu has bad news people bring up the vita? is the vita the wiiu's competition? dam I hate that. fanboys hate bad news so they deflect it to the vita...whats laughable tho....the vita is doing better than the wiiu in games and sales. so stupid.
on topic: most people who bought a wiiu bought it for the 1st party games anyway. but this is bad news for wiiu owners who thought the wiiu was going to get 3rd party support and people who (like myself) are waiting to buy a wiiu.

TXIDarkAvenger1889d ago


| why everytime the wiiu has bad news people bring up the vita?

Because both of them are frowned upon. People say Vita and Wii U have no games. Wii U hasn't even been out for a year so saying it has no games is just mindblowingly stupid.

Muffins12231889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

It actually ALREADY has,look at the sales in japan buddy for the past several months for the vita.

jsslifelike1889d ago

...would have the "stones" to to own up to what this really is.

"Unprecedented partnership" my ass.

guitarded771888d ago

@ AnimeAvenger

you say...
"Because both of them are frowned upon."

I get what you mean, but neither system is frowned upon by their owners. I own both, and like many people who actually own one/both, I enjoy the time spent with them.

Sales are slow for both when compared to platforms with 7+ year old library of games. And both systems could use some heavy hitter exclusives sooner rather than later. But the hate for either system is just media manufactured BS, and the only people who buy into the doom and gloom are small minded individuals who can't think for themselves.

Not having EA on Wii U is crappy, but it's not a system killer. I like most other gamers didn't buy the Wii U to play Battlefield on it. I had no delusions going into my Wii U purchase that it was going to be the most powerful system in my rig. I bought it for Zelda, Metroid and Mario. Those games will come, and Nintendo will move some units when they do. The U will not achieve the sales of the Wii, but Nintendo will turn a profit (however small), and will launch another console 4 years from now like they always do.

Nintendo has showed no deviation from the business model they have used since the NES, and they have made their money off of Nintendo exclusives since the beginning.

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Ron_Danger1889d ago

It's not a crap system, it's just not on the same level as PS4 and 720. Just because it doesn't appeal to you does not mean its crap. I'll never buy one cause I grew out of Nintendo's style of games back in the late 90's, but you can't deny the influence of Nintendo's IPs.

Kingthrash3601889d ago

not being a dick but its not on the current gen systems level neither. it may be a little more powerful but if say cod ghost comes out for the wiiu it will sell the LEAST. making that slightly more power the wiiu has irrelevant. Nintendo needs to do like they did the wii....make it cheap and appeal to the casuals and Nintendo fanbase. they tried the hardcore approach and are failing at it. smh

shuuwai1889d ago

By car status ...

Wii u = Honda Civic/Toyota camry
Vita = BRZ without mod
PS3/Xbox = Toyota Celica
PS4/Next Box = STI with mod RPM at 11000!
PC = F1 formula, always mod.

business 101, don't bother with something when you know that its' not going to sale. All the good sales numbers are from first party.

Here's the thing I knew 3rd party wasn't that great for the the Wii u. I bought the system for first party.

Persistantthug1889d ago

MUSTANG 5.0 > sti

PS4 = Mustang 5.0


ijust2good1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I, too grew up in the 90's, but i also grew out of the 90's. My first console was a Nintendo console and i have owned every single Nintendo home console from NES to Wii, in fact i still have NES & SNES somewhere in my basement lol.

However, Wii U is the first Nintendo Console i can honestly say that i have no interest to ever purchasing.

The original Wii was innovative and different. It was fun while it lasted. I owned many game for it including Smash bros, mario galaxy/kart, metroid and zelda, U know, i only ever played all those popular exclusives once and never touched them again. Platform games simply do not interest me anymore despite the games being well critically received.

Im sure the next major Mario games will be critically acclaimed but i've grown up now. If im gonna buy Wii U, im gonna need more justification that just typical exclusive games such as Mario's and Zelda. I would like to hope games like FIFA, Mass Effect & COD's ect be available to play on Wii U since these are popular games enjoyed in other platform.

Wii U is certainly looking likely to be a huge failure. This time Nintendo will suffer more than GameCube days because they have run out of ideas of innovation.

Nintendo cannot expect to live off 1st Party games entirely. 1st party games sold well on GameCube but it wasn't good enough to save it.

BosSSyndrome1889d ago

Save it? You know the entire gamecube era was profitable right? Anyway just wanted to say that CoD games will be on the Wii U just like they were on the Wii.

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Kos-Mos1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I am Bender, please insert girder.

PigPen1889d ago

I will be the first to disagree. While you have the right to your own opinion, I like the Wii U. So much so that even you couldn't tell me otherwise. I only have Super Mario U as of now. Dues Ex: HRDC, Rayman: Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Project X, Project Cars, Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Watch Dogs, Super Smash Bros and Call Of Duty: Ghost is crazy. Speaking for myself, I know that I will be good for the year.

deafdani1889d ago

I pretty damn well can. *disagrees*

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

Nintendo gave the industry the cold shoulder by release a weakU. Ask just cause & metro devs.

WeakU will only get some current gen ports but next gen its over for their 3rd party support. But that is ending now anyway.

Killzone uses 3gb of 7gb ram. lol wiiu and its 1gb for games.

millzy1021888d ago (Edited 1888d ago )

back on earth and not ea land, cry engine 3 officially conformed by a dev working on wii u and the game is out next year.

so why can't ea get frostbite engine working?

3-4-51888d ago

Wow..1 dev doesn't support them. The world must be over.

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Neonridr1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

Bold move by EA. I really, truly want to see what happens when Nintendo starts moving consoles as the first party titles start rolling around. It will be interesting to see their reasoning for basically throwing away millions of dollars that they will be making off of the Wii U.

It will be interesting to see if they stand strong on this or change their minds moving forward should the Wii U start selling very well.

However, this article's title is extremely wrong because this is still all speculation. EA hasn't come out and said that they 100% for sure will not be releasing any titles for the Wii U. They merely stated that Frostbite 3 won't be on the system, and that Frostbite 2 ran poorly (whether they even tried to optimize it, who knows). This title makes it seem like EA has come out and stated "We will not be making games for Wii U" - which isn't the case.

PopRocks3591889d ago

We'll probably see some shoddy ports at best. I honestly would not expect a great deal of support for Nintendo from EA in the next decade or so, if any.

Utalkin2me1889d ago

Lol, Nintendo doesn't need 3rd part support anyways does it pop?

darthv721889d ago

EA supported sega during the genesis and even the saturn but when it came to DC...they turned their back on them. So sega had to make their own sports games and in many ways....they were better than what EA was producing at the time.

So now EA had supported nintendo during the wii days but now they are turning the cold shoulder because the system isnt selling as much as anticipated. So if EA doesnt support the wii-u, will nintendo have to come up with their own sports games? Or perhaps try and tap 2k sports to develop some good alternatives to anything EA makes.

i can see why companies are timid about supporting a platform that hasnt sold to its potential but they have to know that things do get better once people start buying.

so if nintendo sells millions this year, will EA still turn a cold shoulder or will they be supportive? EA is looking out for themselves but they also know there cant be sales of something if there is no support for it. That goes hand in hand.

stragomccloud1889d ago

Behold the problem of the Vita. Companies have to support something in order for it to sell, and yet a lot of companies won't support something unless it sells. Since software sells hardware, logically, software companies have to be the ones to make the first move.

cee7731889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

No EA didn't support the Dreamcast because of the sega sports games EA basically gave Sega an ultimatum shame because no one truly embraced the 2k serious until Dreamcast was dead madden isn't as deep as nfl2k5 A whole gen later this left A bitter taste in millions of fans mouths its one of the main reasons EA was voted worst company in america because of their monopoly ways they would own every sports license if they could

rainslacker1889d ago

The reason they moved to Sega in the 16 bit days was because Nintendo had some really terrible 3rd party relations and licensing restrictions. EA saw Sega as a better alternative, and it helped Sega out in a big way with the Genesis.

DC is as cee773 said, but at that time they had a strong relationship with Sony, which was pretty good for publishers in terms of licensing and development.

Neither time was because of the hardware though, it was usually just business.

I'm not really sure what to think about all this. It seems EA may still be bitter that Nintendo told them "no" to Origin and possibly they're trying to strong-arm Nintendo, or perhaps it's really because their scalable engine can't scale to the Wii U.

greenpowerz1889d ago

I think some devs have their hands full with the new much more capable hardware in the 720 and PS4 and are using Wii u's situation as an excuse to drop it. Can't just be sales alone maybe they think Nintendo's mindshare is finished. Talking mushrooms and walking turtles, Japanese elves and leaf people don't interest people anymore. There isn't enough gold in the world that can get this Japanese Italian plummer to fix this repeat domination pipe dream.

stuna11889d ago

I don't think it being used as an excuse so much as it just not being much of a leap forward as many expected! It is a leap forward in terms of what Nintendos fan base is accustomed too, but in the bigger picture the leap is not nearly as big as what was expected by the developers themselves!

Sure those same developers were praising Nintendo about the WII U, but I think that that was due more so to the fact that many believed that this was going to determine or at least gauge just how big a leap forward this next generation was going to be!

Notice how surprised many developers were when it was reported that the PS4 would have 8 gb of Ram, and the rumors swirling around that the NextBox would also sport 8 gb of Ram! This in my opinion is what will make the WII U obsolete due to the limitations of Ram! And I'm sure other things will surface and become apparent once the other consoles release.

rainslacker1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

The problem with that theory, stuna, is that most of those big devs and publishers already knew about what the PS4 and likely the 720 would offer long before the Wii U launced. Nintendo didn't have free reign on next gen development before the PS4 was announced. None of the PS4 announcements came as a shock to the devs and publishers making next gen engines.

Honestly, it just sounds like an excuse to me because of the Wii U's slow sales. The visual difference between the Wii U and PS4/720 isn't going to be as drastic as between the Wii and the PS3/360. For the most part, there is no reason that next gen engines couldn't scale in some form to the Wii U. Just right now it seems that the people making the engines don't see it as worthwhile for whatever reason.

jacksheen00001889d ago (Edited 1888d ago )


My friend you're on the right track.most Devs rather focus all of their time & energy working on much more capable hardware.

and I don't blame them.

The longer they work with new hardware, the better their game will look/play, the more money they'll most likely make.

my point is, working with last gen tech as such as the wii U will hurt them in the long run, the sacrifice time spent working with the wii U hardware takes away from learning new things to improve their game development/experiences.

But I think most Devs will make the sacrifice and make games for the wii U's low grade tech if they think can make the money.

stuna11889d ago


If anything I see a lot of other big developers dropping support also! Look at it in this context, already major game engines have skipped the console, sure you hear makers of these engines say the WII U can run them but how many are actually being used to showcase what the WII U is capable of!? Not many if any.

On top of everything else Sony and most likely Microsoft are scooping up developer support left and right! That in itself doesn't bode well for the future of the WII U, because we all know that Sony & Microsoft are giving developers of next gen exactly what they've been asking for this entire generation, can the same thing be said about Nintendo!? I'll answer that with a resounding no.

The pad controller for example was something that no one asked for, but Nintendo felt it was game changing when in actuality it not! For those who own a IPad, they would already know its been done before on all levels. Asymmetric gameplay done, gyroscopes done, duel screen gameplay done, motion sensing done, pobably the only thing not done is the use of a controller.

One last thing, if developers start taking advantage of what Sony and Microsoft have to offer out the gate like the Killzone Shadowfall Demo, how long do people believe the WII U will remain relevant!? I'll answer that too, not very long! For those who believe this is hate, it's not! It's just a concerned gamer who remembers the greatness of Nintendo, and who wishes them to return to their former glory, but without the filler and gimmicks.

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LOL_WUT1889d ago

EA is just doing what's in their best interest as a company can't say I don't blame them.

PopRocks3591889d ago

So, are you EA's biggest apologist or do you just defend any company with some sort of a vendetta against Nintendo?

lilbroRx1889d ago

Its definitely the latter.

Jyndal1889d ago

I find it hard to have any faith in the Wii U's potential. Sure, there are die-hard Nintendo fans that will support it no matter what, but for the gamer looking for the top end AAA games, I just don't see it as being all that appealing.

Neonridr1889d ago

Nintendo consoles are the ones you buy because you love the 1st party Nintendo games nowadays. I will always purchase the Nintendo consoles because it's the only place I can play the next Legend of Zelda or Metroid game. I always have a secondary system (or PC) for the multiplat games that skip the Nintendo consoles.

Utalkin2me1889d ago

Its funny you say that Neonridr, cause it's true. That's all you get, so you have to buy it for first part support.

Minato-Namikaze1889d ago

The problem is that model isnt sustainable. Look at Nintendo's install base after the Snes. It was dropping like a rock. You need 3rd party software to remain viable as a console manufacturer. Having great 1st party exclusives is good but having only that isn't good. If nintendo doesnt get more 3rd party devs on board then they are gonna be back in the Gamecube days.

Neonridr1889d ago

Oh I never said it was a great idea, just the way it is unfortunately. I would love to be able to have a Nintendo console that would get all the amazing 1st party support with all the awesome third party support. But unless Nintendo is willing to go all out on their next console, I fear the trend will continue.

NYC_Gamer1889d ago

Wii U won't appeal to gamers like myself who aren't big fans of Nintendo first party software

MasterCornholio1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I hate Mario and Kirby so no Wii U for me if it lacks 3rd party support and inferior multiplats are no good at all for me.


Epic is angry at the origin issue as well.


Even Kojima is pissed off at what happened to origin.


See the issue isnt just origin its the Wii Us hardware thats causing most of the problems.


Yep EA isnt the only one taking a dump on the Wii U. Which proves that it isnt just an issue with Origin.


All EA games sold horribly on the Wii U.

TheDivine1889d ago

Idk I own all systems excluding a wii-u and IMO Xenoblade 2 is def high end AAA. Zelda, Metroid, and Bayanetta 2 are top end and matter of fact Nintendo has the highest quality games period. Not always the most graphically strong but even in the last gen I remember Metroid Prime and RE4 blowing me away coming from a ps2. It was only the wii that was weak graphically. The Wii-U is weaker than ps4/nextbox but its damn good enough for me. Xeno 2 looked mind blowing and its getting a SMT Fire Emblem crossover. This is better than Killzone with better graphics IMO. Shallow shooters that people praise for prettier graphics. Same shit different toilet. Give me jrpgs and il be happy.

stragomccloud1889d ago

I think this is a clear case of "won't" rather than "can't." It's a shame developers that won't make games for a certain company also feel they must spread misinformation to sully the reputation of a console. Of, course, EA is so upset about the Origin decision, that they have just become utterly hellbent on bringing Nintendo down.

Minato-Namikaze1889d ago

Nintendo has to show what the Wii-u can do. If nintendo makes a game engine as good or better then frostbite 2 that runs on the wii-u then EA has no excuse to say it cant run on it. I mean if nintendo was pumping out awesome looking 1st party games then i'd call EA on it. Until I see games like that from nintendo (or another dev) i can be mad at EA.

PS. that being said shouldn't FB2 be scalable to fit the wii-u's architecture?

stragomccloud1889d ago

Agreed. Nintendo really needs to prove what the Wii U can do in the hardware department. X will probably be the game to do it. But who knows when that game is even coming out, anyway.