Pure Waffle #8 – Tragedy In Videogames

One Hit Pixel: "This article is dedicated to those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings, the victims of the Texas fertiliser explosion, the homeless people in Chicago and the charities who help them, people who may have experienced tragedies in recent flooding incidents across the US, and indeed everyone around the world who has experienced some kind of tragedy in the world in recent months. It was written days after the Boston Marathon Bombings on my flight back from Chicago to London.

As I fly at an altitude of around 35,000 feet, returning from a holiday to the US that has been overshadowed by events in Boston and Texas, I can't help but think about the real tragedy of a loss of human life. These people had friends, family, and others who either loved or depended on them day after day. From the outside looking in, it is a sombre experience; but there are costs to living that while they are nowhere near as violent, have repercussions that really make you ponder about the outlook of life.

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