New Gran Turismo 6 Screens Show The Game's Interface And Data Visualizer

"We have gotten our hands on the first few images of Gran Turismo 6 which shows the game in action. Of course, this is off screen footage from the live event that is currently underway in UK. The game was earlier leaked via a press release which confirms 1200 cars and 19 tracks."


Added one more screen:

May not show up on the site immediately due to cache. Thanks.

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Nitrowolf21556d ago

bit sad with no PS4 version announced. I know there's drive club, but I would have loved a PS4 version of this., It's smart on Sony part though to release on the PS3 given the install base.

gameseveryday1556d ago

As much as I love with what Sony is doing with the PS4, I think this is a missed opportunity.

dangert121556d ago

Missed how, the game is made from the ground up for the PS3 which is totally different from the PS4 on the interior yet despite the that and the fact they have been making it since the release of GT5 it's a missed op?

Not at all, if you have a PS3 and want to play GT 6, By not trying to port it to the PS4 SONY ARE BEING VERY WISE in the fact they are giving drive club the chance to gain some of its own recognition, because we all know for a fact GT7 Would sell like banana's on the PS4 but we defo do not know if Drive Club would do well with GT6 Breathing down its neck

iistuii1556d ago

I guarantee once people see those new amazing graphics on the new console, this will look yuk in comparison, i had a go on GT4 on my PS3 when awaiting Prologue & it looked terrible, i think they will rue not making it a launch title.

MikeMyers1556d ago

The team spent so much time working on the PS3 for GT Prologue and GT5 that it's probably a waste to just start over again. It's still taken them 3 years to come out with a new one. Which sadly means we probably won't get to see a full PS4 game until at least 2016. They'll probably either port this next year to the PS4 or come out with a secondary release (Prologue) in 2015 and GT7 not until 2017.

Minato-Namikaze1556d ago

People said the same thing about GOW2 and look how that turned out.

Because God of war 2 looked horrible after the PS3 launched.

SoapShoes1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@Mike but they did start over. Completely new engine! Not that I'm saying I would have wanted it on PS4. I'm glad it's PS3.

ABizzel11556d ago


It's a miss because GT6 is a proven console mover for Sony, Drive Club isn't. And when launching a console you wan hardware moving software. But since the PS4 is easier to develop for I guess we'll be seeing GT7 sooner rather than later (2015).

Ares84HU1556d ago

Yeah, I'm not getting this because by the time it will be out I will be gaming on the PS4 and I want to play PS4 games not PS3 games by that time. Had the last 7 years to play PS3 games so far so no thanks. GT7 for me than if they will make it for PS4.

Skips1556d ago

I honestly think we might get a PS4 version unveiling at E3.

What else could PD be working on for PS4???

SDF Repellent1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


Still hanging on to your hope, I see, LOL. That is old news from February buddy. The game is on only for PS3 and 70 million plus PS3 owners should celebrate. The miss opportunity here is Sony should find a way to make sure the PS4 is BC with the PS3 so GT6 will also be playable on the new PS4. It is a missed opportunity on Sony's part.

Salooh1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

To hell with Drive Club. I want GT6 to be in ps4. I don't want to play on this old hardware after ps4 released. It would be acceptable if it released now but after ps4 is just wrong ...

I don't care about sales. I expect big improvements when it's possible. Holding it for sales isn't an excuse for me as a gamer who want better games when it's possible..

Your excuse before was the ps3 engine. Now it turned out they created a new engine which should work on the ps4. So i'm with sonic. It would be wiser to create both versions at least for your beloved sales and for what i care experience..

showtimefolks1556d ago


Well I rather them take their time than rush something, also till this day there release updates and DLC for GT5, and now they are planning for better and more steady DLC post launch for GT6 so it's an improvement

Also this will come to ps4 6-8 months after release with DLC and other updates and improvements

Drive Club will get a huge following on PS4, Drive Club will be sonys answer for something for racing fans which isn't GT

Can't wait

Skips1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )


Old news from FEB? lol

It was after the unveiling of the PS4, when else is a better time to talk about Sony's 1st party devs on the system other than E3?

And HOPE? Lol! I'm actually happy Sony supports the PS3 unlike Microsoft who just abandons the system to the casuals.

Even IF it doesn't happen, PS4 still gets DriveClub and PS3 still gets GT6. Pretty sure everybody wins either way...

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Ilovetheps41556d ago

Nitro, at first it seems like the install base is a great thing to have, but look at GT's past games. GT3 is the best selling in the series. It sold more copies than GT4 which had a huge install base of PS2s. GT1 sold a couple million more copies compared to GT2. I think it would have been smarter to put GT6 on the PS4 based on the past of GT games.

Nitrowolf21556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I know this to and thought about it.
I think it's just early to announce it then. Gotta remember the engine took years to develop, it's made for the PS3. It'll be much more profitable to, i mean GT5 took years to develop. I will be sad that it won;'t be a huge leap, but hey lets end the PS3 life with a bang.

Sony is encouraging me more and more to hold off on the PS4 with these PS3 announcements

insomnium21556d ago

agreed nitro

I'm in no hurry to buy a PS4. I have so many games yet unplayed.

ltachiUchiha1556d ago

I think it will come to the ps4 later, just not at launch. I understand why sony isnt making it a ps4 launch title because it would hurt drive club sales but to not bring your money making killer app to the ps4 would only hurt sony & potential ps4 sales.

brave27heart1556d ago

It wont come to PS4, we'll get a GT Prologue, as always. Its a smart business decision. Expect a PS3 GT6 bundle, reduced in pricevand then GT Prologue on PS4 around early 2015.

Root1556d ago

I think the reason we don't have a PS4 version is because this one is just a slightly improved GT5. Like how GT4 was a slighty improved version of GT3.

They may aswell get to work on GT7 for the PS4 as that will be the title which will look so much more improved then previous games.

Crystallis1556d ago

This is what I think also. I also think PD needs time to make a GT7 on the ps4. I personally am happy for GT6 on the ps3.

SoapShoes1556d ago

I disagreed with you because GT4 was a huge improvement over GT3. Not only in just content but the graphics were much better too, environment and crowd wise.

JoGam1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Honestly if this game is not released on the PS4 then it must release on the PS3 before the launch of the PS4. I want to enjoy GT 6 and if my eyes was to see Drive Club on the PS4 with other PS4 games it may ruin the look of GT 6 for me. I am really looking to be blown away by GT6.

ZodTheRipper1556d ago

How do you know that Drive Club will look substantially better than GT6? It's still Gran Turismo/Polyphony we're talking about, it might be not that much better even if it's on PS4.

JoGam1556d ago

True, but this is what I do know. Gran Turismo has a record for making their driving games look stunning. Now I know it will look stunning on the PS3. However if it was on the PS4 it will BLOW the PS3 version out of the water. How do I know? Because its been that way with every new GT game. If GT6 was built from the ground up for PS4, trust me it would shit on the PS3 version.

deafdani1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

GT 1 & 2 = PS1.
GT 3 & 4 = PS2.
GT 5 & 6 = PS3.

See the pattern here? (I'm not counting GT: Prologue because that was just a pretty early version of GT5, basically a glorified demo sold at full retail price).

I think it's logical to conclude that the PS4 will see GT 7 and maybe GT 8, depending on development times.

Oner1555d ago

There's another pattern that looks pretty good too ~

GT1 ~ +/- 12mil
GT2 ~ +/- 10mil
GT3 ~ +/- 15mil

GT4 ~ +/- 12mil
GT5 ~ +/- 10mil
GT6 ~ +/- ??mil



I could see it happening...

But I have to correct slightly you on the

"GT: Prologue...a glorified demo sold at full retail price"

comment ~ GT5:P was NEVER sold at the full retail price of $59.99. The max it sold was for $39.99 when released. Which is not bad considering it actually had more capabilities (and content in some regards) than other titles (like PGR4).

GT5 Prologue vs PGR4

Number of cars: 16 vs 8
Polygons per car: 200,000 vs 100,000
Resolution: 1.38M Pixels per frame vs 0.92M pixels per frame
Frame-rate: 60fps vs 30fps

firelogic1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

It's smart and not so smart. On the one hand they have a huge installed base to sell the game to so the game will be a success. But on the otherhand, imagine how fast PS4s would have flown off of store shelves with GT6 available at launch?

Making it cross-gen would have been the best option but I guess the drastic diff in architecture would make it impossible/too costly.

Feldman90001556d ago

And dat backwards compatibility on PS4? Really really bad decision Sony.

zeddy1556d ago

surely it would cost too much to make the ps4 backwards compatible. its makes it easier for someone to buy a ps4. just dont throw away your ps3 anytime soon.

Maddens Raiders1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

...another GT is upon us! Rejoice my PS3 brothers and sisters! Day fkn 1.

This is by far the smartest decision Sony has made so far and this "game" alone will shift billions towards Sony's way and more importantly back to the PD team in Tokyo to invest in GT7.


DeadlyFire1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

PS4 version could still come. I imagine they will launch Driveclub at launch while PS4 version GT6 could land say in March 2014. Wait for after Microsoft's conference. If new PGR5/Froza lands big then Sony could pull out out a PS4 reveal of GT6.

If not though Sony is wise by keeping GT6 and Driveclub away from launching at the same time on the same platform. We could see GT6 on PS4 at a later time or perhaps GT7. Developers likely would want to take a special hold onto the PS4 platform with its own separate sequential title.

Rageanitus1556d ago

it is all about money.
If you release it as a launch title they will not break even until 2-3 years after release.

Launch titles are usually great for new IPS's giving them a chance to grow as the system gets older.

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GribbleGrunger1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Sony should sack all of it's team and hire everyone on N4Gs ... Clearly they have a far better business acumen than Sony. Lots of people over at Gaff do too! Quick Sony, hire them! They'll make you a fortune.