Dragon’s Crown Has Treasure Arts Illustrations To Unlock

More tidbits about Dragon’s Crown come from Famitsu. Players will be able to accept all kinds of quests from the guild. Complete these quests and you may get Treasure Arts. These are illustrations players can see of different characters.

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FamilyGuy1802d ago

I like unlocking artwork

Mounce1802d ago

Let me correct your comment:

"I like unlocking porn/playboy art"

FamilyGuy1802d ago

No, artwork, like in Blazblue, Dead Nation and Soul Calibur. Things that existed before trophies and achievements. I've always liked getting those hand drawn concept arts as rewards for my gaming accomplishments.

They just cool to go through.

rextraordinaire1802d ago

Cool. I wonder if they'll be the same as those included in the pre-order art-book.

Really can't wait for this game :)