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Next-Gen: Consoles Aren't 'Must-Have Gadgets' Anymore

NowGamer: "As the games industry diversifies, the importance of dedicated consoles decreases. At least according to Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone.

As we're all getting excited about next-gen consoles, whether that's the PS4 or the next Xbox, it seems not all developers are anticipating them quite as much as the rest of us." (PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

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dp277407  +   721d ago | Well said
PS4 Is already the only must have gadget I'll be getting, Honestly I cant even think of anything else that I would want besides a next gen console.
avengers1978  +   721d ago
My only must have is PS4... Already got the money set aside for it... Just waiting to be able to reserve it... And there are already tons of games I want for it, and E3 still a month away. I can't wait for next-gen, but until then PS3 still getting plenty of love.
Army_of_Darkness  +   721d ago
PS4 is definitely a MUST HAVE for me.
I loved console gaming since the NES and that will never change ;-)

My console purchase order, as far as I remember:
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TechnicianTed  +   721d ago
You missed out on the Snes and n64. I played more games than you lol. I must be a more hardcore gamer than you are I suppose.

*puts on sunglasses*

EDIT: You didn't buy a Jaguar, Master System, Xbox or 360 either! You are sorely lacking as a gamer.

*polishes sunglasses*
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DevilishSix  +   721d ago
Technician Ted

Are you saying you didn't have a Neo Geo? Than I must be more hardcore then even you.

Breaks out old pair of neon colored Oakleys and puts them on. Looks down at my Swatch and decides its time to get on out of here.
Army_of_Darkness  +   721d ago
Haha! U deserve those old school red n blue 3d glasses bro;-) but I never said anything about not playing or missing out on the snes! My cousin next door had one so I never bothered to buy it heheh! Young with an allowance then bro, had to improvise. The jaguar, 3do, neo geo were all way to expensive and had limited games so I nevered bother.
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Psn800  +   721d ago
Console today after be amazing !
TechnicianTed  +   720d ago

I didn't need a Neo Geo because I lived by the seaside and had an arcade pretty much on my doorstep (God, I miss arcades). A Neo Geo was for someone with more money than sense.

I did have a Swatch though, a Pop-Swatch lol.
guitarded77  +   721d ago
Me too. I've been putting away $25 a week since the announcement so I can get a PS4 and games. I've never been the type to put aside money for something, so I'd say it's a "must have" for me.
_QQ_  +   721d ago
The statement holds true when talking about people who don't keep up with gaming news ect. There are plenty of people who are fine with their ps3/360 a long as madden,NBA 2K and COD see a release on them.
ElitaStorm  +   721d ago
same here like always, PS always have been in my room from psOne
MysticStrummer  +   721d ago
Peter Molyneeux games aren't must haves anymore, so why should we care about this article, which is based on a quote from him?

There was an article not long ago about Molyneux not being asked yet to work on any next gen project. This quote from him isn't all that surprising, given that article.
s45gr32  +   721d ago
Well despite Molyneux not making phenomenal games. He said something true and I quote " I want game consoles forever but to do that video game consoles need to be cutting edge". In other words to lead gaming forward both technologically and story wise. Instead Microsoft and Nintendo are relying on useless gimmicks like the illumini room (kinect base) and the other on a useless tablet wannabe (can't even play wii u games on the DMV office or start bucks due to the 3DS). The PS4 is the only worthy console to get next generation at the moment . My point is that console corporations are no longer trying to be cutting edge.
Monkeysmarts  +   720d ago
Molyneux is possibly the most overrated game designer ever. His bloated sense of self-worth is matched only by American McGee. All Molyneux does is promise amazing and deliver mediocre.


I think the fact that Nintendo is trying to capture the technology of tablets and incorporate that into the console experience is very indicative of them trying to push forward and be cutting edge. I think Microsoft putting so much emphasis and R&D into Kinect and that Illumiroom crap is very indicative of them trying to push forward and be cutting edge. Realistically I just don't know how much appeal those things have to a console experience... they really don't grab my attention, but I disagree with the idea that they aren't trying.

Playstation has always been cutting edge by ushering in CD media, DVD's, Bluray... Nintendo gave us analog and rumble (among many other standards set with their games)... Microsoft gave us hard drives. With this next gen it's hard to tell where that cutting edge comes from. It seems that the area they are pressing forward with more is connectivity and sharing experiences, at least with PS4. We don't know the full feature set of PS4 yet though. And we'll see what Xbox is packing pretty soon.
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sourav93  +   721d ago
Damn straight! Heck, I even bought a new TV just for my ps4, when I get it.
dj3boud  +   720d ago
article just for hits.. move along, nothing to see here.
1upgamer99  +   720d ago
Uh, yeah whatever. NONE of my friends are even REMOTELY thinking about next gen consoles...They are however VERY much interested in the next IPAD....yes you and I are into consoles and games...BUT THE AVERAGE PERSON IS NOT.....and just so you know all of my friends have consoles and play games, but they did not even know Wii U was out, and they also did not know that PS4 and dorkbox was coming out. Ipad, Iphone,Galaxy 4, blah, blah, blah...BUT no console talk...period....
skipper  +   720d ago
Your right, but when people see how good the games look and play on our new systems they are going to want them. 2 of my friends already picked Wii U up because they came here and saw mine. My one friend does not even play games much, but she liked the way the gamepad controlled my TV and searched movies and stuff. So I think the new systems will sell, just not as fast as the past gen. We are going to have to show all of our friends out how cool they are.
T2  +   719d ago
everyones different I guess. First of all ipad games suck bad, they are all the same and boring as hell.
Second, I don't know why anyone even goes out of their way to buy an ipad, just use the money to buy a better laptop? Maybe it's just me but ipad is the last gadget on my list... It's not markedly smaller or better than any decent laptop. Is it?
GribbleGrunger  +   721d ago
250 million current gen gamers say 'We'll see.'
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deafdani  +   721d ago
Did you come up with that number by adding the install bases of Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360? Because it doesn't really work that way, nowadays there's a considerable overlap. It's quite common to see multi-console owners now (usually a Wii + one of the other two consoles, with a few having all three).

We have also to consider that there were a lot of replacement units bought for the PS3 and especially the Xbox 360 (YLOD and, to a much bigger scale, the RROD fiasco, which took around 3 or 4 years to be fully solved after several hardware revisions).

My point is that, yes, the number of console gamers now is likely much bigger than ever before in history, but probably not as high as 250 million, that's all. ;)
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DevilishSix  +   721d ago
You did not consider multiple gamers per household. I am sure millions of households may have one or more consoles and numerous users. Does this cancel the multple system overlap, doubtful, but it should be considered in the equation, that many homes have multiple users, even if they don't own said console, they are still a gamer.
deafdani  +   721d ago
@DevilishSix: good point, I didn't think about it. I was thinking more in terms of total consoles sold across all three major brands, and I suspect that the original commenter also did under this criteria.

Your argument, however, is true as well.
BosSSyndrome  +   720d ago
I don't know. I really think that casual gamers are not going to but any next gen consoles. They don't need to bcuz they have a phone that does all they need on the go. I think console sales next gen will be lower overall. Don't get me wrong though, the article's BS.
MonkeyNinja  +   721d ago
Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone don't know what they're talking about. I haven't ever seen so much excitement for new consoles. And aren't current sales of PS360 considerably higher than previous gens (minus PS2 of course)? Doesn't that show that people are still plenty interested in console gaming?
JuleyJules  +   721d ago
The fact that sales of PS3/360 are still high is part of the problem. Convincing new owners of each system that they should buy another one is not going to be easy. Lots of people could be cautious when they're released to see how it goes. Also, lots of games are still being released on PS3/360 which means the incentive to upgrade might not be as strong. That is not to say they won't sell it just might be that after the initial fans buy their systems there is a lull in sales similar to Wii U. Time will tell.
Monkeysmarts  +   720d ago
To be fair, I don't think people who are just now buying a PS3 or 360 are the target audience of next gen consoles at launch. Not everyone who buys a console is as heavily invested in gaming as many of us in these online communities are.

While I agree that PS3/360 continuing to sell well does detract some from next gen sales, I don't think it is significant. PS3 and 360 will be supported well beyond the introduction of these new consoles. There will be plenty of great reasons to buy the new consoles, it's just a matter of time. Many folks are simply going to wait so the bugs in the hardware get worked out and the games/userbase are more established.
Neonridr  +   721d ago
I would debate that game consoles were never 'must have gadgets' to begin with. They aren't essential to everyday life, they are luxury items. I would say interest in these things is relative. More consoles are being sold, but there is also a larger market available to tap into than previous generations.

Will you see the PS4 sell 75 million consoles? Hard to tell at this point, but there is definitely anticipation for what the next round of machines will bring.
H3ADWOUND81  +   721d ago
Sorry I beg to differ my friend, I spend alot of time during the day on my ps3 online, I myself and i'm sure there are lots of others alike, don't view my console as a luxury item.. It's a necessity. Life wouldn't be the same without it I'm afraid..
Nevers  +   721d ago
A gaming console is not a luxury item? People spend a lot of time in a spa and on cell phones. By your logic those are not luxuries either... talk about first world ignorance.
Captain Qwark 9  +   721d ago
i agree with you. the only thing i use more than my console would be my smartphone and thats just because i text alot. my console gets used for netflix, movies, games, music, etc.

hell i only use my cable like 1 time a week because of my console
Neonridr  +   721d ago
I'm sorry guys, how can you say that a gaming console is a necessity? What are you 15? Wait until you have to grow up and enter the real world. A Family, house, kids, mortage and bills. Gaming consoles take back seats to the more important things in life.

I love playing games here and there, but I would much rather sit with my 10 month old son and play with his blocks with him.

And Nevers a spa is a luxury item, how can you argue that going to the spa is a necessity? A cell phone is technically not a necessity, many people live their lives without one, although a cell phone can do a lot more for you than a video game console can. And personally I value a cell phone more than an Xbox 360 or Wii U, since if I am in desperate need of help I can call someone, what will my Xbox 360 do for me? Alert the Fire department if my house is on fire ;) lol.

Obviously game consoles have multipurposes nowadays for many people (netflix, bluray players, games), but my TV can connect to my computer directly, so I don't need the console to do anything but play video games.

I find it funny that you guys can sit here and say that a video game console is one of life's necessities - important and useful yes, but a necessity?? Will you die without it?? j/k. I guess I am just starting to get a little old.
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Nevers  +   721d ago

I actually was saying that a spa and cell phone are each luxury items just like a gaming console, though admittedly, my verbage was a bit wonky.
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stragomccloud  +   721d ago
You are right about the PS3 but for the wrong reasons. You have to consider the common consumer. The PS3 was a must have because at the time it was the best/cheapest bluray player that also happened to play cool games. The PS2 was a great alternative to a DVD player. These merits alone made the systems must have gadgets for everyone.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   720d ago
By your ongoing logic TVs, refrigerators and practically any other piece of technology isn't a necessity, which indeed they aren't, you can live without them. Had you ever gone bushcrafting? Almost nothing that you use daily is a necessity.

But this doesn't mean the average person, on a current society, tech savy enough to be on a computer reading gaming news, will be living without some of those luxuries, one of 'em being electronic gaming/laisure. Hence, it can indeed be a "must haves" to THIS audience.

The term you probably should had used instead of necessity is priority... Well, guess what? To many people out there having kids or caring for a family isn't a priority either, and it has nothing to do with age... Not everyone chooses to live in the same way and so we all can have different priorities... Altough I'll give you the "paying the bills" argument, it seens no one can really escape those (unless you are THAT GOOD in bushcrafting! LOL).
stragomccloud  +   721d ago
I swear, people like you and I argue with fair minded banter, and call out fanboyism on all sides, and yet it seems like our bubbles are disappearing. It's like there's some weird fanboy brigade on this site that singles out certain users and votes them down. I swear you had more than 3 before, and I know I used to have 5. I'm really ashamed at what the "gaming" community is becoming. Note that gaming is in quotations.
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Typical-Guy   721d ago | Bad language | show
_LarZen_  +   721d ago
Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone are just ego boosters that need some attention or they will go mentally insane.
mercyme   721d ago | Spam
strigoi814  +   721d ago
Next gen Console is not a must have...they are should have gadgets :)
sandman224  +   721d ago
Oh hell yes they're still a must have!
Roper316  +   721d ago
I disagree and am very excited for the PS4 and feel as a gamer I must own it and will own it ( can't wait until Amazon lets me put in my preorder ) and I also am eagerly waiting to see what MS will be offering before I decide if it's a must have or not. I Can't make that decision until the MS's cards are on the table and it's not just speculation & guesses anymore.
Zodiac  +   721d ago
When the Xbox360,PS3, and Wii all launched i read stories every other day about the stabbings,robbery at gunpoint,trampling, and other acts of violence to get these consoles.

THAT is the test to see if the new consoles still have the same demand as they did in 2005-2006, but i doubt it will happen. Even Black Friday has calmed down over the years because there are too many options out there for your electronic needs.

The new console launches will be much "quieter"(meaning nobody is stabbed or shot)
MilkMan  +   721d ago
You got that this right. Mostly cause of competition from all over the place. But still, the way game sales are going. These companies wont be able to justify their existance. When 3.4 million sales is considered a failure. Time to get your reading books out of the closet.
IronFistChinMi  +   721d ago
Durango will be a must-have for me, and I'll pick up a PS4 at a later date. Whilst I'm getting pickier in terms of games I'll buy, I can't envision a time when I won't want a console.
the worst  +   721d ago
its a must have in my house hold
2 PS4 day 1
mercyme   721d ago | Spam
Jek_Porkins  +   721d ago
I don't know about all of that, I've been saving money for the next Xbox since last year, I have been there on day one for many a console, dating back to the Dreamcast which I was able to buy with my own money. I want to experience the new games and features right away.

Personally, I just recently got my first Smartphone, it isn't something I'll be upgrading very often, and doesn't offer me anything a console can.
isarai  +   721d ago
Well i still must have a PS4
KillrateOmega  +   721d ago
Say what you want. I'm still going to get the PS4 and game the hell out of it. I'm a gamer at heart, so something like the PS4 is about as close to a must-have as a luxury item can get.
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Bathyj  +   721d ago
Me too. Im gonna game its brains out.
Bathyj  +   721d ago
Sez U. I have nothing else Id rather spend my money on.

I think you're confused with molyneux games aren't must have games anymore
InTheLab  +   721d ago
Dude makes cellphone games now so consoles aren't must have? Ok mr. Notonrailzbutactuallyiscomplet elyonrails.
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Dlacy13g  +   721d ago
I think as with most here, the proper response at this point has to be we will have to wait and see.
grassyknoll  +   721d ago
PS4 > Curiosity
Neko_Mega  +   721d ago
Well in less you don't want to play Call Of Duty, Halo, Killzone and many other console only titles. I think next gen is a most have.

For some it might not be a must have right now, but they will get it when they have the money.
Alos88  +   721d ago
I'd have called this article "Peter Molyneux and Ian Livingstone don't know what they're talking about", but then I suppose that's hardly news.
jensen86  +   721d ago
says who cos i no i need em well the ps4 atleast
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MontyQ  +   721d ago
cliffy b 4 life
ARESWARLORD  +   720d ago
that guys a jerk man. He thinks his shit don't stink
hakesterman  +   721d ago
What an Idiot. The Next Gen. Consoles are going to sell like Hot Cakes Fool. Way over Due, can you smell it SUCKER!
jjb1981  +   721d ago
There's a waiting list of 800,000 for ps4, just at gamestop
mediate-this  +   721d ago
@army of darkness

I too have been gaming since NES, im 27 years old, all the systems are must haves for me. been playing street fighter since SNES. I buy games and don't play them to support the industry.
DivineAssault  +   721d ago
Its a must have for me! Maybe casuals arent going to care (which is a huge chunk) but i will definitely be buying PS4 day 1!
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