Warner Bros. announces Scribblenauts Unmasked

Warner Bros. has announced Scribblenauts Unlimited, confirming a rumored report last month.

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Smashbro291141d ago

The story says Super Hero Creator is for WiiU and 3DS.
The press release says WiiU and PC.

Silly writers.

xamtheking1141d ago

Nanananananananananana BATMAN(with adjectives)

Jek_Porkins1141d ago

I love this series, vastly underrated in my opinion, and this new version looks fun!

Knight_Crawler1141d ago

Good game but does get a little boring after awhile.

They need to expand on the gameplay and add more of a story to it.

weekev151141d ago

Thats great but wtf has happened to Scribblenauts unlimited in Europe?